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Do Your Users Have Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues?

Everyone loves a good deal, and shopping comparison and coupon sites have made it easier than ever. If you’re like most people, the minute you see a better deal on the item you wanted to buy, you effectively leave your shopping cart abandoned in the middle of the digital aisle. The infographic below explains more in detail which particular abandonment issues are causing your users to leave your site – and how much it could be costing you.

Shopping Cart Abandonment


Even though it’s clear that more than 75% of your users are leaving your site to go coupon-hunting or comparison shopping, you can still reel them back in. Here’s how:

  • Offer a coupon code directly on your site. Fill it in for customers once they add an item to the cart, saving them from searching for it themselves. Remind them of how much they’ve saved today versus the regular retail price, once they add the item to their cart.
  • Don’t hide your Return/Refund policy. Make it absolutely clear how customers can return an item for a replacement or a refund and let them know approximately how long it will take. Much of the shopper’s decision to return to your site after they’ve purchased is based on after-sales service.
  • Show How Many are Left. Being able to include real-time inventory updates can help prevent customers from abandoning their cart – particularly if there’s an in-demand item that’s running out quickly. If you’re almost out, follow’s lead and let them know that more is on the way. Even better: let them know approximately when you’re due to get more of the product, if at all.
  • Use Social Proof and Competitive Shopping – It’s a given that everyone wants a bargain, but it’s even stronger when you can show the social proof behind it. If 59 People would Recommend This to a Friend, there must be something great about it! You can even tie this tactic in with a bit of competitive shopping, by letting your customers know how many other people are shopping online right now too. Nobody wants to let a good deal slip through their fingers, and as a marketer, you can capitalize on this “fear of a missed opportunity”.

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