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10 Social Media Marketing Services That You Can Use to Beat Your Competition

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Social media is one of the best ways to build a loyal brand following and establish yourself or your company as an industry leader.

But social media also takes tons of time from your daily schedule.

In fact, most marketers spend multiple hours each week on social media.

And on top of that, there’s tons of competition.

Everybody and their mother (and grandmother) can be found using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

So standing out and besting the competition has become a laborious, time-consuming task that takes some finesse and dedication.

In fact, I used to find myself spending hours every single week on social media just to keep up with the competition.

Most people are using social media nearly two hours every day.

Social media is one of the best ways to build a loyal brand following and establish yourself or your company as an industry leader.

Don’t believe me? Then here’s a stat. According to the latest Influencer Marketing Hub Benchmark Report, 71.6 percent of internet users search for brand information on social media.

In fact, 16-24-year-olds are more likely to use social media for brand research than search engines. That’s a massive segment of customers you can’t afford to miss out on, right?

That tells us your business needs to be somewhere in the social media mix if you want to attract new customers.

But social media also takes tons of time from your daily schedule. And on top of that, there’s no shortage of competition.

I can understand if you’re not sure where to start. I’ve been there myself, too. But there is an answer.

Outsourcing social media marketing (SMM) services can help you by strategizing and managing your content.

In this post, I’ll list ten agencies providing social media marketing services that you can use to beat your competition and save time.

But first, let’s discuss the benefits of working with an agency.

Why Hire a Social Media Agency?

Using social media marketing services has numerous benefits for anyone who wants to effectively manage their social presence and online marketing efforts.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing:

  • Access to expertise: An agency has the expertise you need to drive your social media strategy. They can strategize, keep up with trends, analyze data, and offer guidance.
  • Time savings: Using social media agency services frees up your time, which you can use to focus on essential tasks that help grow your company.
  • Content creation: If you want to get on social but don’t have time to create content, an agency has content writers and designers ready to develop engaging content that hits your target audience.
  • Consistency: You might have time to post occasionally, but that’s not an effective social media strategy. Using social media marketing services ensures a consistent posting schedule over multiple platforms to ensure your brand has a steady presence.
  • Less need to invest in tools: Although working with social media marketing agencies requires investment, it saves you paying for various tools like scheduling, social listening, and analysis.
  • Measuring your ROI: Is your money well spent? An agency can give you the metrics and reports you need to see where your money is going and see the results.

Social Media Services You Can Outsource

It’s not all about content creation. An agency can do far more for you than that.

Some of social media marketing services you can outsource include:

  • Social media management such as posting, scheduling, and responding to comments
  • Social media advertising
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Influencer outreach
  • Developing your social media content calendar

10 Social Media Marketing Agencies to Choose From

There are a ton of social media marketing services you could choose, but let me save you the hard work. Below, I’ve listed ten social media agencies for you to check out.

1. Born Social

Born Social home page image social media marketing services

This global social media agency provides social media marketing services like social strategy, paid media management, and reporting and analysis. It’s worked with top brands, such as Wagamama, Uber, and L’oreal.

Born Social’s creative services include photography, graphic design, copywriting, and creative concepting.

If you plan on working with influencers, Born Social can develop a strategy, draw up creative direction, and carry out influencer identification.

2. Volume Nine

Volume Nine home page image social media marketing services

Volume Nine is a digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing services. It works with multiple sectors, including B2B brands, e-commerce, consumer products, and alcohol brands. The agency focuses on Facebook, Pinterest, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Among the agency’s social media marketing services are content creation and scheduling, audits, management, and social media engagement.

You can start with a social media audit covering competitive analysis, strategic alignment, analytics, and more.

3. NP Digital

NP Digital home page image social media marketing services

My agency, NP Digital, has established itself as an award-winning powerhouse in the global marketing industry. Celebrated in 2023 for Performance Marketing Agency of the Year, we are committed to innovation, thought leadership, delivering exceptional results for our clients, and positioning ourselves as drivers of change within the performance marketing space.

While it covers a vast range of services, the agency can assist with your social media strategy by honing in on data analytics and insights, ads, and defining customer audiences and their journey.

NP Digital has worked with major brands, including CNN, SoFi, and Adobe, and excels at social media marketing and influencer campaigns.

4. Thrive

Thrive home page image social media marketing services

Thrive Agency is a digital marketing agency that provides social media marketing services including strategy creation, inbound engagement and analytics monitoring, and social media management.

It can also tailor content creation to suit your target audience and respond to questions from your social media following.

Thrive uses organic and paid social media services, such as driving users to your website or landing pages, building brand awareness, and community building.

5. Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing home page image social media marketing services

The award-winning social media marketing services agency provides management and advertising services.

That means producing high-quality content, using engagement monitoring, and running ads, among other services.

Lyfe Marketing starts by understanding your audience, business, and competition.

6. Sculpt

Sculpt home page image social media marketing services

Sculpt is a B2B social media marketing agency. It describes itself as “100 percent dedicated to better B2B social.”

It manages social media marketing services for several niches, like SaaD, FinTech, and professional services.

The social media marketing services offered include strategy, consulting, content creation, and community management.

Sculpt can also manage paid ad and measurement services; retainer packages are also available.

Additionally, the agency offers an extensive range of influencer services, including outreach, strategy, and engagement measurement.

7. Ignite

Ignite home page image social media marketing services

Ignite was the first social-only marketing agency in the United States, and it’s still around 16 years later.

Social media marketing services include content creation, strategy, community and influencer management, media buying, and reporting and analytics.

The agency is a marketing partner with the top social media platforms, and it uses a data-driven approach to find the right channels for your business.

If you want to learn more about the agency, you can download the “Capability Deck,” or request a free proposal.

8. Cleverly

Cleverly home page image social media marketing services

Cleverly is the top LinkedIn marketing agency with over 1,500 clients. It specializes in creating B2B lead generation services for small and medium-sized companies.

It provides social marketing services for niches like healthcare, legal, real estate, and start-ups.

Cleverly offers social media marketing services, including prospect lead building, A/B campaign copywriting, personalized outreach, and LinkedIn content.

Other services include LinkedIn content ghostwriting, profile optimization, and sales strategies.

In addition, if you need social media for your e-commerce brand, this could be the agency, as it can count Amazon among its clients.

9. VaynerMedia

Vayner Media home page image social media marketing services

This social media marketing service creates authentic experiences that resonate with the right audience. It offers creative, media, strategy, and consulting services and helps you develop actionable ideas.

The agency has produced four award-winning campaigns, and it’s worked with major brands, including TikTok and Tinder.

If you want to contact the agency via the website, you’ll need to fill out a seven-minute form.

10. Fresh Content Society

Fresh content marketing society.

The Fresh Content Society is behind some award winning social media strategies for top brands.

It uses a comprehensive playbook, which includes paid and organic social media marketing tactics to give their clients the best chance to shine on social media.

The agency conducts an audit of your brand presence, and uses competitive analysis, campaigns, and creative tools to help drive success.

Other social media marketing services available are account management, community, influencer, strategy and paid media management, analytics, and reporting.


How effective is social media marketing?

Social media is great for brand building and creating awareness. It’s also free advertising, but the results depend on how you use it.
If you use social media marketing services in a targeted way to appeal to your ideal audience, then it can be highly effective. For instance, TikTok or Instagram would make good choices if you’re looking for a younger audience.

How important is social media marketing?

It’s crucial.
One survey shows that 48 percent of companies feel social media is crucial for maintaining their business.
Social media is your gateway to millions of prospects. Of course, they won’t all become your customers, but it’s an excellent way to market to your ideal buyers.
Social media also gives you a platform to engage and grow your audience and attract a loyal audience.


Facebook has almost 3 billion monthly active users, Instagram has 2 billion, and YouTube currently sits at 2.5 billion.

Your customers are on social media, which means you need to be, too.

It’s also great for creating personal brands and getting others to view you as an industry expert.

To make the most of this captive audience, you’ll want to start by following some social media tips and optimizing your social media profile.

However, keeping up with social media takes tons of time from our daily schedules, and you could easily spend hours every week

It’s time to start making things easier on yourself by using some of the best social media services out there.

What are your favorite social media marketing services to beat out the competition?

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