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Neil Patel’s Backlinks Tool: Ultimate Guide

Neil Patel's backlinks tool: ultimate guide

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How important are backlinks to your online business? According to research from uSERP, 67 percent of the SEOs interviewed believe they have a ‘big impact’ on their search engine rankings.

A pie chart determining how big of an impact backlinks have on search engine rankings.

85 percent also believe backlinks have a major influence on their brand authority, while 47.5 percent say building backlinks is every bit as important as content strategy.

Additionally, 59 percent say they think backlinks will have more impact in the future.

There are plenty more surveys out there demonstrating the importance of backlinks, which leads me to a question: given how pivotal backlinks are to your online success, how do you view them and see how your site is performing?

Well, I’ve made it easy by developing the backlinks tool, which allows you to do that, and more.

To add even more value, I’ve integrated my link analysis tool within Ubersuggest so users can access additional data.

Sound good? Let me demonstrate how to use it.

How the Backlinks Tool Works

The first step is to head over to the landing page and type in a URL or a domain into my link analysis tool.

Screenshot of Ubersuggest's landing page.

You’ll then want to select the type of backlink report you want to pull up. As you can see, there are 3 main options:

  1. URL: this report pulls backlink information only for that specific URL.
  2. Domain/*: this report pulls backlink information for that domain excluding subdomains.
  3. *Domain/*: this report pulls all backlink information for that domain, including any subdomains. This option typically gives you the biggest backlink count number.
Screenshot of Ubersuggest's landing page.

Once you figure out what type of query you want to run, select that option and hit the ‘Submit’ button. I used as an example, and it took me to the integrated Ubersuggest backlinks tool to get the results:

Screenshot of the Ubersuggest backlinks tool.

The Backlinks Report

The report shows you the:

  • domain score (the authority of a domain)
  • the total number of backlinks and how many of them are nofollow
  • new and lost referring domains
  • number of referring domains
  • backlinks over time

In essence, you can quickly see how you are doing versus your competition in seconds.

Link Analysis

Screenshot of the Ubersuggest backlinks tool.

When you pull up a Backlinks report, you will also see a full list of URLs linking to a website. By default, it shows one link per domain to make the report more useful. That way, if someone links to you 100 times, you’ll see the best link from that site.

Screenshot of the Ubersuggest backlinks tool.

If you want to see all 100 links coming from the same site, unclick the “one link per domain” button.

Screenshot of the Ubersuggest backlinks tool.

In general, assuming the URL or domain you just pulled up has a lot of backlinks, you’ll see thousands and thousands of links.

In each row, you’re provided with:

  1. Source title: what is the title of the page linking to the URL/domain you looked up.
  2. Target page: where the link is pointing to. If you look up a URL, then it will be pointing to that specific URL. If you looked up a domain, you can see where their link is pointing to on that domain.
  3. Domain Authority: how authoritative is the linking site? The higher the number, the better.
  4. Page Authority: how authoritative is the linking page? The higher the number, the better.
  5. Spam Score: a MOZ score which shows whether a link is spammy. The higher the percentage, the more likely the link is spam.
  6. Anchor text: does the link contain any keywords? You can easily see this through the anchor text column.
  7. First seen: when did we first find this link?
  8. Last seen: when did we last crawl and find this link?

Advanced filtering

When you are looking for specific link opportunities, especially if you are looking up a competitor’s domain, you may want to use the advanced filters to find the best link opportunities.

Screenshot of the advanced filtering section on the Ubersuggest backlinks tool.

Here’s how the advanced filters work.

  • Search box – in the box, you can type in any keyword or phrase and it will pull any URLs, titles, or anchor text that contain any of those words. That way, you can find what you are looking for faster.
  • Zone – if you want to only include or exclude links with certain domain extensions, such as .net, .com,,, etc., you can do so with zone filtering.
  • Referring domain – if you want to include or exclude links coming from a specific domain, this is the filtering option you can use.
  • Anchor – if you want to find links by a specific anchor text, or exclude links with a specific anchor text you can do so with this filtering option.

Finally, if you want to slice and dice the data in more advanced ways, you can always click the “export to CSV” button and play around with the data.

Links Are Everywhere

As you may know, in Ubersuggest you can enter in a URL. Due to this update, we have integrated link data throughout multiple reports.

In the Overview report under the “Traffic Analyzer” heading, you get organic keywords and monthly organic traffic, domain authority, and backlinks, including no follow links.

Screenshot of the overview report on the Ubersuggest backlinks tool.

The Ubersuggest backlink tool also has a ‘Top Pages by Traffic’ feature.

If you aren’t familiar with the Top Pages report, it shows the most popular pages for any domain.

Screenshot of the traffic report on the Ubersuggest backlinks tool.

You’ll notice that you can see how many visitors go to each URL and if you click on “view all” under Est. Visits, you’ll see a list of keywords that are driving traffic to that URL.

If you click “view all” under backlinks, you will see all of the URLs that are linking to that page.

Screenshot of the traffic report on the Ubersuggest backlinks tool.


What Are Backlinks?

You create backlinks when a website links to yours. This is also known as an inbound link.

When a website links to another, it’s effectively vouching for that site’s credibility and saying they believe the content is worth reading. Backlinks are an important ranking factor for search engines like Google because they help them determine which websites are most reputable.

The free backlink analysis tool can help you understand your backlink profile and where you can make improvements.

How Can You Find Your Competitors' Backlinks?

You can use a variety of different tools, like Moz or Semrush. My backlinks tool provides a range of features, including organic traffic estimates, backlinks, and keywords.

What Does a Backlink Profile Mean?

The term ‘backlink profile’ refers to how many backlinks direct people to your website.

It covers the quality and quantity of backlinks and anchor links pointing to your websites, and helps influence your site’s ranking.

How Many Backlinks Do I Need?

Generally speaking, 60-100 is phenomenal, 40-50 is all right, and if you’ve got 40 or below, you could be doing better.


I hope you like the Ubersuggest Backlinks Tool. I put a lot of time, energy, and money into building it.

You can look up as many domains and URLs as you want, both from your site or your competition’s. Head over to Backlinks and start typing in domains and URLs.

What do you think of the Neil Patel Backlinks tool? Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts or if you find any bugs.

PS: You can also access the Backlinks report through Ubersuggest.

PPS: I would really appreciate if you told people about the Ubersuggest Backlinks Tool and shared it.

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