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Affordable SEO Software: Why Ubersuggest Is Right for You!

Graphic that says, "Affordable SEO software: why Ubersuggest is right for you!"

Not only is the SEO landscape getting more competitive, but you need a team that can understand it all.

The right SEO software can make all the difference in taking your site’s SEO to the next level.

There are several SEO tools out there, but which one makes the most sense for your business?

Maybe you have a smaller budget or a team still learning about SEO marketing?

The good news is I’ve got affordable SEO software that’ll help you win the game of SEO— my tool, Ubersuggest.

This budget-friendly SEO tool is comprehensive and easy to use.

Your team can use it as a step in your strategy to generate content that converts.

Let me show you why Ubersuggest is right for you.

Are You Ready for SEO Software?

I hope your answer is, “Yes, I’m ready!”

Look, I’m just here to make things easier for you and your brand.

I’ve created this tool for businesses like yours.

Get the insights you need to create solid content.

Ready for a more robust content marketing strategy? That’s how you know you’re serious about expanding into SEO software.

Ubersuggest is pretty straightforward, so your team doesn’t have to spend too much time learning new software.

Remember those GEICO commercials with the slogan, “So easy a caveman can do it?” That’s how easy Ubersuggest is.

Having this budget-friendly SEO tool at your fingertips will help you:

  1. Create a project to track your SEO progress across desktop and mobile.
  1. Conduct an SEO audit to correct issues.
  1. Perform a competitor analysis to see which keywords your competitors target.
  1. Generate blog post ideas from a list of keywords and topics.
  1. Gain more backlinks, increasing your rank and expanding your reach.

So, use this mini guide to start creating winning SEO strategies with Ubersuggest. Once you get the basics down, check out our more comprehensive Ubersuggest guide.

How Ubersuggest Supports You With Affordable SEO Software

Ubersuggest is here to help with an SEO overview and more.

You can use the software to perform a detailed audit of your site’s current health.

Screenshot of Ubersuggest's webpage as an example of an afforable SEO software.

This feature gives you a better understanding of where you’re doing well or falling short technically.

Once Google crawls your website, you’ll know your on-page SEO score, organic traffic, backlink count, organic keywords you rank for, site load time, and any SEO issues.

You don’t have to settle for once-a-quarter SEO audits when you can do it in minutes and make adjustments.

You can leverage SEO opportunities with Ubersuggest’s SEO reports.

Screenshot of Ubersuggest's SEO Opportunities page.

Take a look under the dashboard section for SEO opportunities.

You can see which pages can rank higher if optimized and begin identifying rank-tracking opportunities.

You can even create a project and use “My Workspace” to chart your implementation progress. You’ll receive alerts about critical issues on your website and daily status updates to keep your efforts on track.

To know where you can progress, regularly check in on the backbone of your SEO strategy: keywords.

Screenshot of Ubersuggest's Keyword Overview page.

Use the keyword research tool to automate tracking and prepare reports. This gives you and your team insights into the average cost per click (CPC) for your target keywords, their SEO and paid difficulty, and their search volume.

You may even find new keywords to rank for, which is a win-win. Breaking down the impact of keywords on your content and site lets you know what’s working and what’s not.

The suggestions from the app are actionable. You can set up the tool to be like your personal SEO assistant.

In fact, Ubersuggest provides SEO assistance in five additional ways:

  • Chat: Need support right away? Use the chat box in the bottom right corner across the site if you have any questions or issues.
  • Coaching Call: If you get stuck, Ubersuggest offers monthly coaching calls. Call in and get your questions answered by one of our SEO specialists. Register here.
  • Customer Support: Have a problem with Ubersuggest or don’t know where to look for a feature? Submit a ticket, and my team will respond ASAP.
  • Knowledge Base: While this post focuses on the SEO reports in Ubersuggest, there are many more features to enjoy. To learn more, search the Knowledge Base.
  • SEO Unlocked Course. This is my free seven-week, self-paced course. You’ll learn all you need to know about SEO, including how to conduct keyword research and optimize your website.

Ubersuggest’s Membership-Only Features

Making sure Ubersuggest is an affordable SEO software option is a top goal of mine.

An Ubersuggest membership includes SEO training and support to ensure you have what you need. It also includes detailed course videos, worksheets and templates, Q&A calls, and email support.

Here are the SEO tools you can use on a more frequent basis as a paid member:

  • Keyword Discovery: Use this feature to find profitable, easy-to-rank keywords to direct your efforts better.
  • Site Audit: You don’t have to examine your site quarterly or semi-annually. Get suggestions on how to resolve SEO issues anytime with Site Audit.
  • Daily Rank Tracking: Your ranks will vary on a daily basis, so take advantage of SEO feedback from mobile to desktop.
  • Competitor Analysis: Study what your competitors are doing in terms of SEO. Reroute their traffic to you by drawing insights from their winning strategies.
  • Backlink Data: Keep a record of your links and look for ways to get new high-quality backlinks to your website.
  • Web Projects: Organize your data in a project dashboard to track changes and get alerts about key movements.

Ubersuggest Pricing Plans

I won’t add to your long list of subscriptions without making it worth it.

With a monthly Ubersuggest subscription, you’ll save 70% of what you’d spend with my competitors.

Choose from monthly subscriptions at the Individual ($29), Business ($49), or Enterprise/Agency ($99) levels.

Competitors like Moz, Ahrefs, and Semrush charge significantly more.

Plus, none offers a lifetime offer like Ubersuggest.

Get lifetime Ubersuggest support for your brand at the Individual ($290), Business ($490), or Enterprise/Agency ($990) levels.

This all-in-one SEO solution is what your business needs to gain actionable data you can use to help shape your brand.

Finding the Right Budget-Friendly SEO Tool for You

A budget-friendly SEO tool like Ubersuggest helps you maximize your SEO strategy and put your dollars to work in a new way.

But what makes it the right SEO software for your team?

For starters, Ubersuggest can help you clean up house (your site, that is).

Your keyword strategy needs consistent optimization.

To ensure your keywords target your intended audience, Ubersuggest tells you if anything is lacking in your strategy.

To see where you’re missing the mark, look at what’s working for your competitors. Conduct a competitor analysis to win using the opportunities others in your industry are using.

As you focus on creating quality content, make sure your topics are unique to your keywords. With proper keyword research, preventing keyword cannibalization will be easy.

Ubersuggest simplifies results for you to quickly find instances of keyword cannibalization so you can cure competing pages on your site.

You can also use the Ubersuggest AI writer to maximize your time and create unique scheduled content.

Consider using Ubersuggest for e-commerce as well. Create product descriptions in batches for your online store with the AI writer to get ahead with your SEO strategy.

You don’t have to let SEO overwhelm you. Instead, put it to work in your favor by using my affordable SEO software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ubersuggest's pricing plan?

There are three tiers to the pricing plan:

Individual: $29/month

Businesses: $49/month

Enterprise/Agency: $99/month

Based on your usage and need for the tool, consider upgrading to the lifetime plan. See more details about the Ubersuggest pricing breakdown here.

Will I have Ubersuggest's updated features if I get a lifetime membership?

Yes! We’re giving you a lifetime offer, meaning you have access for life, including new features and updates. It’s 90% cheaper than competitors, so with any plan you choose, you win (and save big time).


Use Ubersuggest to stand out from your competition and identify new opportunities.

This budget-friendly SEO tool helps you navigate common problems and enhance your SEO strategy.

Not only is it an affordable SEO software option—it’s easy to use.

Everything you need is in the dashboard.

Do you want new content ideas or to get more traffic to your site? Use the software to generate solutions that will move you up in rank.

Maybe you need to batch content or are fighting writer’s block. Use the AI writer to move through the content creation process faster.

There’s tons of value in a tool that works as an all-in-one SEO solution. You can keep a lot of your work in-house and take time to learn your audience.

The more you know your audience, the better you can serve your audience.

Shape your content with Ubersuggest to land high in the SERPs in your niche.

Are you ready to start using more affordable SEO software? Go to Ubersuggest and get going on your first project.

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