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The Ultimate Resource Guide to Blogger Outreach and Guest Blogging

If you want to increase exposure for your business (beyond optimizing your website for search and growing your social media audience), then guest blogging and blogger outreach are avenues you may wish to explore. When you connect with bloggers in your industry, you are given platforms for communicating with your potential customers like never before.

The following are 35 resources to help your guest blogging and blogger outreach — including networks specifically created to help you connect with bloggers, guides for guest blogging and blogger outreach, and guest post opportunities for marketers.

Guest Blogging and Blogger Outreach Networks

guest blogging blogger outreach networks

The following networks will help your business connect with the right bloggers in your industry for guest blogging and blogger outreach.

  • MyBlogGuest – My Blog Guest is a free community that connects guest bloggers to blog owners. Join for free and start getting exposure from guest posting.
  • GuestBlogIt – Guest Blog It intends to be the ultimate guest blogging resource. Submit your content or find content for your blog for free. Gain high quality relevant back links.
  • BloggerLinkUp – Join the BloggerLinkUp list and you will get an email each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These emails will list bloggers looking for expert sources, requests for guest posts, bloggers and web masters offering guest posts, and PR reps and others seeking reviews of products. When you see a request that you can fulfill, just respond directly to the requester.
  • BlogSynergy – BlogSynergy is essentially a social network for the blogging community. Bloggers use BlogSynergy to follow, connect and share guest blogging opportunities with one another.
  • Guestr – Website owners can find guest posters; bloggers can find guest blogging opportunities and promote their blogs. Browse hundreds of sites.
  • GroupHigh – GroupHigh provides software that helps public relations, seo and social media professionals reach out to bloggers.
  • BlogDash – Find, engage and pitch to bloggers – all in one place. Filter through 109,847 bloggers by keywords, categories, Klout score, gender, location, and much more.
  • PostJoint – PostJoint is a smart new platform that connects advertisers and bloggers to make content marketing more productive and targeted than ever before. Advertisers produce quality content and bloggers offer to publish their guest posts. PostJoint matches up the audiences and takes care of quality control.
  • Copy for Bylines – The mission of Copy for Bylines is to bridge the gap between writers and online publishers and to work simultaneously with these creative individuals to produce better content online. They believe that because of the glut of worthless information available over the Internet, web content needs to be revolutionized — it should be quicker, personalized and beneficial to the online community.

For tips on successfully reaching out via email, check out this video:

Guest Blogging Guides

Need some motivation to get excited about guest blogging or some pointers on how to get started? Be sure to read the following guest blogging guides.

Blogger Outreach Guides

Blogger outreach – when done correctly – can bring a lot of great traffic and visibility to your brand. See the following guides on how to do blogger outreach the right way.

  • The Five Stages of Blogger Outreach: Attraction, Ambivalence, Commitment, Intimacy, and Proposal – A five-part series about building and sustaining relationships with bloggers and the outreach process, in general, based on the “five stages of dating.”
  • 21 Better Ways to Do Blogger Outreach – There are better ways to do blogger outreach. In fact, there are 21 better ways.
  • Scale Outreach Using Pareto’s Law – This article tells how to identify influencers vs. lower level targets and scale outreach accordingly, focusing on strategies for the low and mid-level bloggers.
  • Outreach Specialist’s Bible – Whether you are doing blogger outreach, guest posting, or old fashioned public relations, you need to know where to start and how to pitch, as well as some tools to help you scale your efforts efficiently. The goal is to give you a source of information you can use to train your team to expand your connection creation efforts.
  • 4 Pitches That Any Respectable Blogger Will Always Ignore – Are you not hearing back from the bloggers you pitch? You might be committing one of these common pitching errors.
  • Blogger Outreach: 9 Tips You Need to Succeed – If you haven’t used blogger outreach, it’s a great tool to add to your marketing toolbox. This article describes 3 reasons to use blogger outreach, 4 ways to use blogger outreach effectively, and 9 steps to develop a successful blogger outreach program.
  • Required Research for Better Blogger Outreach Pitches – Successful blogger outreach starts way before you send a pitch. Learn the 4 research stages that will help you provide a mutual benefit and place your content.
  • 9 Essential Tips for Warm Blogger Outreach Pitches – While there are many ways bloggers and brands are working together, there are a few best practices that have been set along the way to make those working relationships win-win. This post shows 9 ways to prepare pitches that will benefit both you and the blogger.
  • The Ultimate Guide for Finding & Reaching Out to Bloggers – Get the guide to blogger outreach free. Learn how you can drive real traction for your brand or product through blogger outreach.

Great Guest Blogging Opportunities for Marketers

Last but not least, if you’re in the online marketing niche, the following are some great guest blogging opportunities to check out.

  • ProBlogger – ProBlogger provides guidelines and suggestions to help you with your writing in order to increase the chances of the site being able to use your post and to help it get your post ready for publishing.
  • Copyblogger – Writing content for Copyblogger is hard. But it’s not hard like climbing Everest or launching eBay. Copyblogger lets you know what makes a great Copyblogger guest post.
  • 202 Internet Marketing PR3 – PR8 Blogs That Accept Guest Posts – This is a list of 202+ high quality Internet marketing / social media / make money online / affiliate marketing / blogging tips / WordPress / SEO blogs with a Google Pagerank of 3 and above (at the time of the writing of the post) that are active and looking for high quality guest posts.

There you have it! Be sure to read the best practices for both guest blogging and blogger outreach, try out the various networks to connect with bloggers in your industry, and start measuring your success! If you have done guest blogging and blogger outreach for your business, please share your experiences in the comments!

About the Author: Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing for personal, professional, and business bloggers.

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