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The Secret Formula of a 13.11X ROI Google AdWords Campaign

Do you want your AdWords account to do more than just get you some clicks?

Do you want people who are searching for your product and services on Google to find you and buy from you?

If you do, then read on…

I came up with a formula for building AdWords campaigns that ROI in any industry.

I tested it with my eCommerce business, a SaaS business and a local service business.

1 thing is consistent… Predictable ROI.


This formula gives the person searching on Google exactly what they are looking for (whether that’s chocolate chip cookies, your software product or eCommerce product).

After executing the “The Cookie Monster Formula”, the number of conversions I got (leads and sales) shot up like a rocket:

More importantly, this 1 campaign made my company $4,500 profit.

Yeah, I know, I know… that is chump change for most of you corporate execs.

But this AdWords campaign structure is SCALABLE.

The more search volume you have for your keywords, the bigger you can scale your ROI.

And I’m sure your business has more search traffic than my small business in Brisbane, Australia where half the population is made up of kangaroos.

But the question is…

Do you want to scale 13.11X ROI?

Also, as a nice bonus, you can get more high value email leads.

This 1 campaign has driven 155 new high ‘buy-intent’ leads onto my email list.

Not just 155 email leads who have a casual interest in what I offer.

155 email leads who opted-in to download pricing for my exact product.

The best part?

You can do the same thing for your company – even if you don’t have a Fortune 500 marketing budget or have never run an adwords campaign before in your company.

Replicate This AdWords Campaign Structure In Your Business for Massive ROI

To attract high quality leads and sales with AdWords…

All you have to do is remember to use “The Cookie Monster Formula”.

In every ad group you have:

  • 1-5 keywords
  • 2 ads
  • 1 landing page

If you have a high enough volume of traffic (250-400 conversions per variation per month) to get statistically valid data, then you should also be a/b testing your landing page.

How My AdWords Campaign Broke Down After Implementing The Formula

Again, here are the results:

6% of people who saw my ad, clicked on it.

59% of people who clicked on my ad converted into a lead for my business.

Now remember, I can’t go giving my whole AdWords campaign data away 😉

This is just 1 ad group in 1 of my campaigns from last financial year. This ad group is highly targeted with only 2 keywords. That is why my impression and click data is low. But this ad group converts like crazy.

It is also simple, scalable and repeatable across all the other products, services and geographical locations I service in my business.

I only had to spend $343 to get 155 leads!

That is 155 people who have already entered the buying cycle and looking for a solution. How do I know this?

Because Google is an ‘intent-based’ advertising network. People searching for product/service keywords like mine have commercial intent. Compare that to social ad networks like Facebook and Twitter, which are ‘context-based’.

The people you advertise to on social networks may or may not have entered the buying cycle for your particular product or service. So you generally need a more sophisticated sales funnel to convince and convert them into becoming your customer.

Would you place more value on a lead that is actively searching for what you sell on Google? Or someone who stumbled across your ad while scrolling through their social news feed and just opted-in because they were ‘interested’?

Not all leads are created equally.

Case Study: The AdWords Campaign, Landing Page And Sales Funnel I Used To Make 13.11X ROI

Here is a short case study of how I used the formula myself in my business to find new customers to buy my Snow Cone Machine Hire Package product from people searching on Google in Brisbane, Australia.

Here is a full breakdown of 1 of my AdWords campaigns:

Campaign Name: Brisbane Hire

Ad Group Name: Snow Cone Hire

+snow +cone +machine +hire +brisbane
+snow +cone +hire +brisbane

Ad Copy:

Landing Page:

Note: this page cannot be found on my main website, it is a dedicated landing page I set up specifically for AdWords.

The Simple, Yet Unusual Sales Funnel That Converts My Leads Into Sales

Now let’s break down my sales funnel after I collect a lead from AdWords…

You can see from my landing page that the first step people need to take to enter my sales funnel is to download a pricing sheet. The reason I do this is because I want to build an email list.

My email list is a business asset I can use to stay in contact with my hottest leads every month about special product offers and news. If people don’t decide to buy after opting-in, I can automate follow-up with them via email.

If you don’t want to collect email leads via AdWords like me, you don’t have to. This is the sales funnel that I have found is the best for my business.

I have SaaS clients that target enterprise level clients where our landing page call to action is for a free enterprise software demo. And SaaS companies that sell to small businesses where our call to action is for a free software trial. I also have eCommerce clients where we send people straight to a product detail page to buy.

Do what makes sense for your business.

Just keep in mind, in general, the higher level of commitment you are asking for on your landing page, the lower your conversion rate will be. I also use Google Shopping Ads to send people straight to my product pages to buy. But my Google Shopping Ads campaign structure and optimization is a whole other beast for another article.

Now, back to my sales funnel…

After someone opts-in for my pricing sheet, they get sent an email with a download link to the pricing sheet pdf and automatically put on my “Snowy Joey Hire” email sequence.

The 10 email sequence is set up as follows:

I used a marketing automation tool called ActiveCampaign to create this email sequence. I use it because it is simple and for more advanced campaigns it allows me to move my leads from 1 email campaign to another based on specific actions they take (eg: click on a link to visit a product page). However for this sales funnel I’m not using any advanced automation (because I didn’t want to get bogged down by all the automation rules in the beginning). It is a simple autoresponder sequence which is set up as follows after a lead downloads my Hire Pricing Sheet:

Wait 1 Day

Email #1: Hire Pricing Sheet Reminder
Email #1: Content: Link to the hire pricing sheet + product page

Wait 3 Days

Email #2: Case Studies
Email #2 Content: Link to a summary of all my businesses case studies (corporate and private)

Wait 3 Days

Email #3: Griffith University Case Study
Email #3 Content: Link to a case study on my blog for this 1 customer

Wait 3 Days

Email #4: 48 Hour Limited Time Offer
Email #4: Content: Free shipping + free product offer

Wait 1 Day

Email #5: Limited Time Offer Ending Today
Email #5: Content: Reminder that it is the last day to get the free shipping + free product offer

Wait 7 Days

Email #6: Kids Early Learning Centre Case Study
Email #6 Content: Link to a case study on my blog for this 1 customer

Wait 7 Days

Email #7: Specsavers Case Study
Email #7 Content: Link to a case study on my blog for this 1 customer

Wait 7 Days

Email #8: QUT Case Study (case study for 1 customer)
Email #8 Content: Link to a case study on my blog for this 1 customer

Wait 7 Days

Email #9: Zupps Case Study (case study for 1 customer)
Email #9 Content: Link to a case study on my blog for this 1 customer

Wait 7 Days

Email #10: Australia Zoo Case Study (case study for 1 customer)
Email #10 Content: Link to a case study on my blog for this 1 customer

We use a ton of case studies with our household brand name clients to build social proof.

The Results

This email sequence converts leads to customers at 10%.

Note: That makes our effective conversion rate from AdWords click to sale 5.9% (compare that to average eCommerce physical product conversion rates of 1-2%).

From AdWords we collected 155 leads. So with a 10% lead-to-sale conversion rate, 15 of our leads converted into customers.

Our average initial order value for this product is $450. The profit on that is $300.

That means for a total ad spend of $343.38 we made $4,500 profit from this 1 campaign.

13.11X ROI.

That does not include repeat purchases. If you take into account that approx. half of our hire customers repeat purchase. That makes the average lifetime value of 1 customer $675.

That is 19.66X ROI.

Now You Try It

I hope you can see the potential of The Cookie Monster Formula for your company from this case study.

Yes, it takes hard work to create something great.

But with this strategy you already know ahead of time that you have the best chance of getting your AdWords campaign to ROI (unlike adding all the keywords you want your business to show for into 1 campaign, and sending all the traffic to your homepage hoping that people convert).

Just because I got a 13.11X ROI from my AdWords campaign doesn’t mean it’s going to work the same for your company. Everyone’s target market, offer and sales funnel is different, so it’s important to test this in your own company.

The best way to take immediate action from this article is to run 1 test campaign in your AdWords account and monitor the most important KPI for your company against your current campaign to see what results you get.

About the Author: Chris Von Wilpert is the Founder and CEO of Rocketship Agency where he helps eCommerce and SaaS businesses turn AdWords advertising into profit.

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