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How to Use Ubersuggest’s AI Writer for Quality SEO-Optimized Content

How to use ubersuggest and AI for SEO and content writing.

Do you use artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up the digital marketing process?

More and more marketers are turning to AI to generate content faster and more efficiently.

In fact, 28 percent of marketers use AI to write copy for them! 

When creating AI-generated content, quality is critical. You don’t just want content optimized for the right keywords, but content that is accurate, engaging, and persuades your readers to take action.

I developed Ubersuggest’s AI Writer to help digital marketers create quality content, whether for their own blogs or guest articles for other websites. With this fantastic AI writing tool, you can write copy ten times faster!

In this post, I’ll show you how to use AI Writer to quickly create SEO-driven content that your readers will love. I’ll also provide some valuable tips as to how you can refine your AI-generated content to get the best results.

Top Tips 

  • High-quality, trustworthy, and accurate AI-generated blog content is more likely to rank in the search engine results.
  • AI Writer is specifically designed for writing quality articles — pair with Ubersuggest and AnswerThePublic for the best results. 
  • Remember that AI will generate a fantastic rough draft, but it’s important to proof and revise your article to provide a human touch.

Why Quality Is Essential When Working With AI Content

Quality is a significant concern when it comes to AI-generated content. I polled 1,000 digital marketers who said the main risks of AI were: 

  • It wasn’t optimized for SEO
  • It was inaccurate
  • It was too similar to other pieces of content online
  • It sounded too robotic
Pie chart of the biggest risks with AI in marketing.

With all blog content, whether it’s AI-generated or not, it’s important to create high-quality articles people trust.

Google has rolled out two helpful content updates, one in August 2022 and one in September 2023. These algorithm updates prioritize content that provides value and is written for people rather than search engines. 

If the search engines see your content as high-quality, relevant, and helpful, it’s more likely to rank on the first page of the search engine results. This means more organic traffic to your website, increased brand awareness, and more conversions.

There are many other benefits to using AI in your SEO content writing, too. For example, it significantly speeds up the research and writing process, allowing you to free up time in your working day and focus on what you’re best at.

Here’s an interesting study from Wordtune. They found that it took marketers who didn’t use AI an average of just over four hours to write a 2,000-word blog post. 

However, it took the writers who used AI an average of two hours and 48 minutes to write the same-length article. Note that the study didn’t mention the quality of the AI-assisted vs non-assisted blogs.

Chart from Wordtune showing how long it takes to write a blog post with and without AI.

Using AI for content writing can also lead to cost-saving efficiencies as people can do more with fewer resources.

Introducing the AI Writer 2.0 by Ubersuggest  

AI Writer is an AI content generator that can help you create blog post ideas. Just enter a keyword, choose the wording that best matches your style, and let AI Writer do the rest. 

AI Writer is a fast and affordable way to generate exceptional articles. You can create a 2,000-word article completely free of charge, so why not give it a try?

How to Use The Ubersuggest AI Writer  

I’ll now show you how to use Ubersuggest’s AI Writer to supercharge the SEO blog writing process. With this fantastic AI blog post writer, you can create a well-written, high-quality blog in as little as seven minutes.

Timer on? Let’s start!

(Note: This process is for the paid version of AI Writer. The free version is slightly different, but is just as effective)

Step One: Enter a Keyword 

Go to the Ubersuggest AI Writer and enter a keyword into the box. This keyword will be the starting point for your blog content.

AI Writer homepage 

I’ll show you how to use Ubersuggest to get some awesome keyword ideas later.

Choose your language and click the Write for Me button.

Step Two: Choose a Title 

Once you’ve entered a title, the AI Writer will provide a list of page title ideas to choose from, based on the keyword you entered. In this example, I’ve used the keyword “digital marketing.”

These titles are based on what people are searching for, so you can be sure your article will rank well in the search engines.

If you want to tweak the page title, click the edit button, and AI Writer will take your changes into consideration when creating your content.

Not keen on the titles suggested? Click Re-Generate AI to come up with some brand-new ideas.

A list of potential titles from Ubersuggest's AI writing tool.

Step Three: Choose a Meta Description 

Next, select a meta description for your article. This optimized meta description provides users with more information about your content in the search engines. The style of the meta description will also influence the style and tone of voice of your article. 

You can amend the meta description of your choice by pressing the edit button.

Meta description selector in AI Writer 

Step Four: Add your Headings 

Clear headings make your AI-generated content easier to read and provide an excellent opportunity to add SEO-optimized keywords.

In this section, you can choose which headings you want to use in your content – just click the check buttons. You can add your own headings in the next step.

Headings selector in AI Writer 

When you’re ready, click Write for Me, and the AI blog post writer will get to work!

Step Five: Refine your Content 

After a few moments, AI Writer will provide you with your content. Your article will be well-formatted, optimized for SEO, and easy to read. Everything you could want from a top-notch blog post!

Example of AI-generated text created with AI Writer 

You should edit your blog article to put your unique spin on it. Add new headings, put in links to your website, or create bullet lists for easy reading, the choice is yours!

Later in this article, I’ll share my expert tips for refining your content to improve the quality even further.

Building AI Prompts With Ubersuggest and AnswerThePublic 

With generative AI tools, you get out what you put in. A high-quality prompt will lead to a high-quality piece of content, and vice versa.

Here’s how to use my AI Writer with other SEO tools to write a fantastic prompt.

Use Ubersuggest to find the perfect keyword 

I recommend using Ubersuggest to find the right keyword for your blog post.  

Ubersuggest is an affordable keyword research platform that helps you find keywords to rank for. It also has lots of brilliant additional features like on-page SEO auditing, backlink analysis, and competitor research.

Ubersuggest home page 

Let’s imagine you work in the marketing department of a business that sells almond butter, and you want to find a good keyword prompt to get you started on AI Writer.

Step One: Set Up Your Search 

On the Ubersuggest homepage, type “almond butter” into the orange search bar.

Choose the country you want to see search engine metrics for, then hit Search to get started.

Step Two: Find your Keyword 

Ubersuggest will present you with the keyword research dashboard. Scroll down to the keyword ideas section, which we will use to find high-traffic keywords to use in AI Writer. You can also click on Keyword Ideas in the left-hand navigation bar to see more keyword suggestions.

Keyword Ideas results in Ubersuggest for the seed keyword "almond butter".

As you can see, Ubersuggest has come back with lots of keyword ideas. The next step is to choose a high-volume, low-difficulty keyword to inspire your article.

Ubersuggest provides data to determine which keywords and phrases are the most valuable from an SEO perspective. This data includes:

  • Search volume. How often search engine users look for a keyword. The higher the number, the more popular the phrase is with search engine users.
  • SD (Search Difficulty). This estimates how much competition there is for the keyword. The higher the number, the more challenging it will be to rank.
  • You can also click on an individual search result to see which websites rank for that specific keyword, estimated visits, number of backlinks, social shares, and domain authority.

In this table, my eyes automatically jumped to the long-tail keyword “almond butter good for you.” This keyword has a decent search volume and a low SD, meaning an article optimized around this keyword is more likely to rank.

Close-up of 'almond butter good for you' results in Ubersuggest 

You can either go directly to the AI blog post writer or click on the Generate Content With AI Button to automatically get started.

Generate Content Ideas Based on Ubersuggest Data 

Did you know you can get content ideas directly in Ubersuggest?

One of the fantastic benefits of Ubersuggest is that it looks at what is ranking in the search engines and generates content ideas that increase the chances of your business getting on the first page of Google. You can then plug these ideas into AI Writer and create lots of brand-new articles.

No need to brainstorm ideas or schedule long meetings with your marketing team to plan your content calendar; Ubersuggest does all the work for you.

Let’s go back to our almond butter business and generate some content ideas. Go to the Content Ideas section in the left-hand navigation bar in Ubersuggest. Then, enter “almond butter” in the search bar and click the orange Search button.

Content Ideas section of Ubersuggest for the keyword "almond butter".

Here, you can see that Ubersuggest has provided some high-ranking content ideas that our competitors have created. We can use these as inspiration for our content.

Ubersuggest provides a link to the content ideas alongside:

  • The estimated number of page visits.
  • The number of backlinks to the page.
  • The number of page shares on Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit

Almond butter recipes seem popular here – people want to know what they can do with a jar of almond butter apart from spreading it on toast!

Let’s use “almond butter cookie recipe” as our target keyword in AI Writer, as it’s got a lot of traffic and shares. Here’s a sample of the content AI Writer provided:

Almond butter cookie recipe provided by AI Writer.

I would recommend trying the cookie recipe before publishing it on your website to make sure it’s delicious enough to recommend to your readers!

Using AnswerThePublic to Improve Your Prompts 

As well as Ubersuggest, you can use AnswerThePublic for additional search insights and to enhance your AI prompts.  

AnswerThePublic homepage

AnswerThePublic is a search listening tool. It uses autocomplete data from Google, YouTube, and Bing to show what words people use when asking questions in the search engines.

This helps you create prompts that will create content that is fresh, relevant, and will rank as high as possible in the search engine results.

Here’s my guide on using the AI blog post writer and AnswerThePublic together to get the best results. 

How To Proof and Refine AI-Generated Content 

AI is fantastic for generating content for your website. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not a magic bullet that will solve all your SEO problems. 

It’s essential to check and amend any AI content you generate to ensure it’s accurate, original, and unbiased. This ensures your articles keep your web visitors happy and don’t lead to search engine penalties.

Here are some of my recommendations for using AI in your SEO content writing.

Know What You Want to Achieve From Your SEO Copy 

For example, do you want to generate leads, increase brand awareness, or grow revenue?

This will give you a steer when it comes to developing your content.

Provide a Detailed Prompt 

This gives your AI content writing tool as much background information as possible. As a result, you get a more well-written, unique piece of content.

We’ve looked at how to use AnswerThePublic to refine your prompts, but here are some additional prompts you can use to write brilliant blog posts. 

Check the Claims Made in Your Article 

While AI platforms are becoming more accurate, it’s important to check any claims or facts cited in your article. This ensures that your blog content is trustworthy and reliable.

Providing links to sources boosts the E-E-A-T level of your content, which in turn increases its SEO ranking. 

Add Internal and External Links 

Adding internal and external links to your AI copy makes your content more credible and enhances the user experience.

This means visitors will stay on your site for longer and are more likely to convert.

Tell a Story 

AI isn’t great at storytelling at the moment (although it’s getting better).

This means that adding personal anecdotes and implementing an attention-grabbing narrative can elevate your blog content to the next level.

Trust your Gut Instinct 

Sometimes, an idea or prompt for an AI-generated blog post doesn’t work, and that’s okay.

If you think an AI article doesn’t sound right, even with extensive editing, don’t use it.

The good news is that nearly 75 percent of executives believe the benefits of AI outweigh the risks. These benefits will only improve as the technology behind AI advances. 

Integrating Ubersuggest’s AI Writer Into Your Workflow 

So, how do you integrate the AI blog post writer into your marketing workflow? Here are my top tips for success.

  • Start by creating a content calendar that everyone in your marketing team can access. This makes it easy to identify overarching themes and what content you’ll use the AI Writer to create.
  • Break each article down into specific tasks. For example, who will create the prompt, edit the article, and post it on the website. Delegate someone to be responsible for each task, and when it needs to be completed by.
  • Finally, don’t forget the share button within AI Writer. This makes it easy to export your article, download it into a document, or share it with the rest of your team.


What is the Ubersuggest AI content writing tool? 

AI Writer is a generative AI tool specifically designed to create SEO-optimized, high-quality blog articles.  
You start by entering a keyword you want to focus on. The AI SEO content writing tool then suggests a collection of titles, meta descriptions, and subheadings for you to choose from. It then creates an article ready for you to add your finishing touches to. 

What are the Benefits of Using AI to Write a Blog Post? 

Using an AI content writing tool means you can create content faster, saving valuable time. It’s also great for people struggling with writer’s block, as AI can suggest article ideas and outlines. 

Why should I use the Ubersuggest AI Blog Post Writer? 

If you want to use AI for SEO content writing, AI Writer is a great choice. I’ve designed it so it’s easy to use; you don’t need an extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence to use it. 
It’s flexible, so you can adjust the meta description, title, and headings to suit your business’s unique tone of voice. 
Best of all, it’s affordable, meaning all businesses can take advantage of it no matter their marketing budget.  

What Other AI Content Writing Tools are on the Market? 

I believe that AI Writer is the best SEO blog writing tool around. However, some good alternatives include, Copysmith, and 
Here are some great AI content writing tools to try. 


I’m absolutely fascinated by how AI is growing and evolving.

ChatGPT was only launched in November 2022, and just over a year later, more than 60 percent of marketers are using AI in their operations! 

AI Writer is a helpful tool that can simplify processes and free up your time. By using it to write SEO-optimized, user-friendly blog content, you can focus more on refining your marketing strategy and growing your business. 

If you need help thinking of new article ideas and want to create high-quality blogs that drive traffic to your website, give my AI blog post writer tool a try.  

Do you use AI to write blog posts? Tell me which tool is your favorite in the comments!

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