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5 Best Landing Page Builders That Will Maximize Conversions

5 Best Landing Page Builders That Will Maximize Conversions

Good landing pages are the lifeblood of any digital marketing campaign.

Without them, visitors don’t know what to do next.

Where can they sign up? Where do they find the product from the ad they just clicked?

Simply driving traffic to your homepage from a search engine, paid ads, or lead magnets won’t work.

That makes landing pages critical for conversions.

However, they can also take hours to build, especially when creating multiple landing pages for a specific keyword or different campaigns.

Trust me. I’ve done it before.

What do you do? You need a landing page builder.

Why Should You Consider a Landing Page Builder?

You’re a busy entrepreneur or digital marketer. I know you don’t have the time or bandwidth to sit and fiddle with back-end code and figure out how to design a beautiful landing page.

What about hiring a web designer or a developer? Let’s face it. While designers and devs are excellent at their jobs, their services aren’t cheap.

This is where landing page builders come in.

You can have a fully responsive, mobile-optimized page designed to convert curious visitors into paying customers within a few hours.

What do you need to input? Your website text, fonts, images, and brand colors.

Everything else is drag-and-drop with dozens of integrations to make capturing leads and sales as straightforward as possible.

However, the best landing page builders don’t stop at page design. The creme-de-la-creme on the market (see below) offer robust analytics to help you figure out what’s working and what you need to send to the trash bin.

The result?

You save hours figuring out how to optimize and improve your conversion rates. Instead of reading blog after blog and getting frustrated, you can go back to focusing on what you do best.

Ready to say hello to efficiency? Here are the top landing page builders for your next digital marketing campaign.

Swipe Pages

Top Landing Page Builders - Swipe Pages

It doesn’t get better than Swipe Pages for an affordable landing page builder. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can create insanely fast, mobile-optimized AMP landing pages.

With no coding required, it’s one of the top options for marketers and entrepreneurs.

The best part? Swipe Page’s landing page templates give your site visitors an app-like experience. You won’t need to worry about elements squishing together or losing sales because your mobile site sucks.

Top Landing Page Builders - Swipe Pages gives an app-like experience

At $29 per month, you’ll struggle to find another builder offering lightning-fast AMP pages at that price point.

Remember, a one-second delay in page loading times can result in a seven percent reduction in conversions.

With Swipe Pages on your payroll, your conversions will go up. Use the A/B split testing feature (more than two variants are possible) to nip what isn’t working in the bud. You can also leverage dynamic text replacement to personalize the site experience for customers.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for Swipe Pages features. Some of the other tools you’ll have at your fingertips include:

  • multi-step forms
  • Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel integrations
  • variant performance analytics
  • responsive breakpoints
  • performance optimization
  • blend modes
  • parallax scrolling

Essentially, everything you need to create a landing page that drives visitors to take action and boost your bottom line.

Swipe Pages Pros:

  • 40+ high-converting templates
  • 80+ pre-built blocks
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • no coding skills required
  • fully responsive multi-screen editing
  • connect to 1000s of third-party apps like Zapier and Mailchimp
  • 1-click Stripe checkouts
  • built-in analytics
  • offers hosting and a custom domain

Swipe Pages Cons:

  • no funnel offering yet (upsells, order bumps, etc.)
  • no heatmaps
  • server-side A/B split testing is only available on the highest-tier plan
  • dynamic text replacement feature is not available on all plans

Swipe Pages Price: Plans start at $29 per month.


Top Landing Page Builders - Unbounce

Unbounce is the “OG” landing page builder tool. It comes with excellent drag-and-drop features and a strong focus on conversions with the help of its AI-powered Smart Builder.

You’ll find popups, sticky navbars, and plenty of other options to help a visitor take action. Whatever your landing page goal, Unbounce can help you achieve it.

One of my favorite Unbounce features is Smart Traffic. Once you hit 50 page views, the tool automatically sends visitors to the landing page most likely to convert.

Top Landing Page Builders - Unbounce Smart Traffic feature

The only downside? It’s not a beginner-friendly tool.

The learning curve is steep with dozens of tools and integrations, but you’ll reap the rewards if you have the time and want an advanced landing page builder.

At $90 per month for the basic plan, Unbounce is one of the most expensive landing page builders on the market and targets enterprises over small businesses.

If you’re not making money from your leads yet, start with one of the cheaper alternatives like Swipe Pages before making a big investment.

Unbounce Pros:

  • 100+ AI-powered landing page templates
  • integrates with WordPress, Google Ads, Salesforce, Marketo, and other popular emails, CRM, and analytics tools.
  • A/B split testing
  • dynamic text replacement for SEM campaigns
  • AMP-ready mobile pages
  • fast page load speed times
  • add sticky headers, pop ups, maps, scripts, and pixels to pages
  • quickly duplicate pages

Unbounce Cons:

  • expensive
  • high learning curve
  • not beginner-friendly
  • features like redirects and integrations only available on the higher tier plans
  • built-in forms feature has limited options
  • coding skills are required for certain features

Unbounce Price: The Launch plan starts at $90 per month.


Top Landing Page Builders - Leadpages

Do you need a landing page for your one-product online store or a simple way to build your email list? Leadpages is the solution for you.

It’s perfect for digital products like ebooks, presets, or courses.

With integrations like OpenTable, restaurants can use Leadpages for reservations, and online coaches have access to Calendly to process payments for strategy calls.

It is versatile enough to create a wide range of web pages (with templates to boot) and the attractive price point makes Leadpages stand out from less intuitive options, like Mailchimp.

To get your page up and running, select a template and start customizing the look and feel of your landing page. You can add videos, images, and forms. Select pre-styled content blocks from the Sections menu for items like a pricing plan or a standout call-to-action.

Top Landing Page Builders - Leadpages templates

With built-in conversion guidance, Leadpages almost guarantees you’ll create a landing page that will convert visitors into paying customers.

Leadpages Pros:

  • 2.4 seconds page load speed
  • unlimited page publishing
  • 200+ professionally designed templates
  • mobile responsive pages
  • code-free drag and drop functionality
  • built-in lead optimization tool
  • A/B split tests
  • 40+ integrations
  • low starting price

Leadpages Cons:

  • A/B testing, online payments, email triggers, and advanced integrations are only available on higher-tier plans
  • low tier support
  • not all templates are free
  • templates can make all sites look the same, which isn’t great for branding

Leadpages Price: $37 per month for a standard plan and $74 for a Pro account.


Top Landing Page Builders - HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the leading tools for digital marketers and salespeople. The platform is an all-in-one solution with CRM management, email marketing, blogging, forms, and a landing page builder.

If you’re searching for comprehensive marketing software on a budget, it doesn’t get better than HubSpot’s Marketing Hub package.

Inside the software, you’ll find HubSpot’s landing page builder. It will help you create beautiful pages that generate leads and look great on any device.

The best part? You don’t need to rely on designers or an IT team to knock it out of the park.

What I love about HubSpot’s landing page builder is the personalization feature. It lets you display different content, CTAs, and forms to improve your conversion rates.

Top Landing Page Builders - HubSpot personalization feature

You can showcase personalized content based on visitors’:

  • location
  • source
  • device
  • lifecycle stage

Why should you care about adding dynamic pages to your repertoire?

Well, when you increase the number of landing pages, you’re likely to see a 55 percent increase in leads.

However, that only happens if visitors get the right information at the right time. HubSpot’s personalization features give you the power to deliver custom content at just the right moment.

HubSpot Pros:

  • built-in library of mobile-optimized templates
  • A/B split testing
  • personalize content based on CRM data
  • easy-to-use drag and drop landing page builder
  • customized SEO suggestions to improve search performance
  • high-quality customer support

HubSpot Cons:

  • only available as part of the Marketing Hub platform.
  • limited features on lower-tier plans.
  • HubSpot branding on the free plan.

Hubspot Price: Free with paid plans starting at $45 per month.


Looking for a landing page builder that’s simple, affordable, and converts visitors into email subscribers?

Wix is one of the best options on the market.

Start with a conversion-optimized template (choose from over 30 options). Use the drag-and-drop editor to add or edit any element on your site. With no coding skills required, it’s an easy process that will have your page up and running in no time.

Once your site is live, Wix has a robust analytics tool to optimize your performance. Connect your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Crazy Egg, or Hotjar to dive deeper into your data, run A/B steps, heatmaps, and gain actionable insights to boost conversions.

The only downside? Wix isn’t the best solution for everyone. The landing page builder targets limited use cases like coming soon pages, webinars, product or app landing pages, and events.

Wix Pros:

  • easy to use
  • beginner-friendly
  • affordable
  • free 30+ templates
  • connects with third-party apps and sites

Wix Cons:

  • limited bandwidth and storage on cheaper plans
  • functionality isn’t as robust as other builders
  • website builder more than a dedicated landing page builder

Wix Price: Plans start at $4.50 per month

Frequently Asked Questions About Landing Page Builders

Why should I use a landing page builder?

A landing page builder simplifies your business, and the learning curve is low. In a matter of hours, you can design and publish a high-converting landing page without hiring a development team. The drag-and-drop features and integrations make landing page builders easy to use and accessible to everyone.

Is it easy to use a landing page builder?

Yes! The whole point of landing page builders is to make the process quick and easy, no matter your skill level. Most use drag-and-drop functionality and offer pre-made templates to help you create a high-converting page in less than a day.

Can you create a landing page without a website?

Yes, you can create a landing page without a website. Instead of directing traffic to a website, you can use the page to drive sales, email subscriptions, or any other conversion goal.

How much does it cost to create a landing page?

If you hire a digital agency to create your landing page, it can cost $1000+. However, landing page builders make building a landing page more accessible, with prices ranging from free to as little as $29 per month. It’s one of the most affordable ways to start building an email list and generating sales for small or enterprise businesses.

Conclusion: Landing Page Builders

When it comes to an effective digital marketing campaign, landing pages are not the place to scrimp.

They’re the best way to drive tons of targeted, specific conversions.

Without one, your visitors are left to fend for themselves on your site. If you’re bidding on specific keywords, don’t waste your ad spend on directing people to a generic home page and hoping for the best.

A landing page builder makes it easy to create and publish a high-converting landing page.

The best part? It will only take a couple of hours to design and hit publish.

Choose one of the landing page builders above and you’ll be driving more leads in no time.

What’s your favorite landing page builder?

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