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Location, Location, Location – Geo-marketing & Why it Matters

Location, location, location. It’s perhaps one of the most commonly recited marketing tenets. Traditionally, the phrase has been taken to mean that your business must be in the correct location, geographically, to be successful.

As the world changes and as new technology emerges, the phrase seems to have taken on new meaning. Whether you have a retail location or not, you need to pay attention to the location of the consumer, and tailor your marketing message accordingly. This infographic briefly explores geo-marketing, why it matters, and how it can be used to grow your business. Special thanks to @emarketer, @visionwiz, @BFMweb, @mint_social, @streetfightmag, and @iab.

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Geo-marketing & Why it Matters

Facts and Stats to Tweet:

  • 63% of smartphone users frequently use apps that require them to give their location (2010). »tweet«
  • Local online advertising expected to grow 255% to $35b by 2014 (U.S.) »tweet«
  • 90% of U.S. marketing agencies had clients requesting geographically targeted online ad campaigns (2011). »tweet«
  • 65% of companies are focusing on geographical context for their mobile marketing tactics (2011). »tweet«
  • 50% of the visitors to Google Maps only do business with the top 3 results. »tweet«
  • 60% of advertising professionals say that geo-targeted ads deliver a stronger ROI than other buys (2011). »tweet«
  • A test conducted by one company suggested that hyper-local CTR was 30% higher than CTR for traditional search engine marketing (SEM). »tweet«

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