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Infographic: Email Marketing is Changing – The Rise of Mobile and Triggered Emails

Email marketing has been used for years to keep in contact and maintain relationships with customers. Lately, with the increasing use of smartphones, we’ve seen the effectiveness continue to rise. However, many companies are not adapting to mobile which could have disastrous effects.

Click on the infographic below to see a full sized view:

Email Marketing is Changing_520

Facts and Stats To Tweet:

  1. Triggered emails have 50% higher open rates than non-triggered emails. »tweet«
  2. Open rates for email on smartphones have risen over 40% in the past couple of years. »tweet«
  3. Open rates on desktop computers have dropped over 18% in the past couple of years. »tweet«
  4. Only 2% of companies have an advanced mobile email marketing strategy. »tweet«
  5. 89% of consumers will delete a poorly formatted email if viewed on mobile. 27% will unsubscribe. »tweet«

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