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9 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Are you considering investing in an explainer video this year? You know; the videos that explain your product or service in 60-90 seconds?

Explainer videos are a great way to engage potential customers and familiarize them with your business. The hard part is to get them right.

Since an explainer video may be smack dab on your homepage, and the first thing your visitors experience, it’s essential to nail it the first time. Here are 9 insider tips for creating a killer explainer video that clearly describes your business and drives more sales.

1. It’s All About the Script

A well written script is the key to a successful explainer video. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built. In most cases, it helps to have an “outsider” write the script. Choose someone who can take a fresh look at your company and explain it in a way that anyone can understand.

Many professional video companies will have you fill out a creative brief first. It helps you think about your business at a high level and makes you define what really matters. Make sure you go through a similar exercise before you get started. Here are some typical example questions:

creative brief

Once you finish this brainstorming process, begin writing a script. Refer to your creative brief when writing because it will help you stay on the right track.

Here is an example script used for a Pongo Resume explainer video:

pongo script

2. The Shorter the Better

According to writer and creative director, Helen Klein Ross, “the less you say, the more likely people are to remember.” We realize you have a lot you want to tell people about your business, but this video is meant to be an overview, the “hook” that gets people interested in taking the next step.

The typical rule of thumb in the industry is 150 words per minute. You might be able to read faster than that; but remember, you need breathing room and time for the message to sink in.

Not to mention, the longer your video is the less people will pay attention to it:

video attention span

Trying to keep yourself from telling everything about your product can be the hardest part. The trick is to cut your script down and be very concise.

Be sure to check out the infographic: How To Increase Your Video Viewership for more details on video duration a viewership tips.

3. KISS (Keep it Simple Silly)

In order to keep it short, you need to keep it simple. Good explainer videos focus on 4 simple things:

  1. The problem – Address the pain your customers are having (0:00-0:20)
  2. The solution – Introduce your product or service as the answer (0:20-0:25)
  3. How it works – Briefly describe how it works or how to get started (0:25-0:50)
  4. A call to action – Tell people what to do next (0:50-0:60)

4. Benefits, not Features

Whether you have a new product, app, or web service, the temptation is to try to show off as many features as possible – 100GB of storage, 60” HD screen, unlimited users, etc. The list goes on. However, it’s the benefits that really matter to customers.

Instead of droning on about technical nonsense, tell people how your product or service is going to make their lives better. Swap out “100GB of storage” for “Plenty of space to safely store your family photos.” You get the idea.

5. Use a Professional Voice

Nothing can ruin a video faster than poor audio. We’ve all heard it – the crackly voiceover seemingly recorded on a Talkboy.

Or maybe the quality is fine, but the voice just doesn’t have the polish and delivery that a professional might provide.

Either way, investing in professional talent is a must. There are plenty of options out there, but a good place to start is

6. Have Some Fun

It’s important to develop a video that resonates with your audience. But we’ve found that regardless of who’s watching (CEOs, marketers, working moms, children), one thing is always true – people love to be entertained.

Adding something a little different to your video, whether it’s humor, a surprise, or something downright wacky, can go a long way. It gets people smiling and helps them connect with your brand in a way that a website can’t.

7. Visuals are Secondary

Like having a polished voiceover, professional looking visuals are important. However, they are not as important as you might think. I’ve seen plenty of effective, professional videos that use simple visuals, like the one below for Eventbrite.

The key is using visuals that help illustrate the story and reinforce the voiceover. You’re not looking to create the next Avatar. In fact, too much detail and whizbang visual effects can distract from the message.

To learn how to make your own visuals easily, be sure to read our article: How to Create Your Own Promo Video for Under $100.

8. Set the Tone with Music

It’s amazing what a song can do. Like video, music can evoke all types of emotions, and it has the ability to set the tone and pace of your explainer.

Sometimes we’ll have the perfect song in mind when developing a video, but most of the time we research music after the video is complete, locating a tune that fits the mood. We often use services like, Tunefruit, or audiojungle that have thousands of options for $100 or less.

9. Plan for the Launch

A lot of people get so excited about creating a video that they forget to plan for the launch. A successful video launch consists of 3 things:

  1. Select a video host – There are plenty of options out there when it comes to video hosting, but we suggest looking at Wistia, Vimeo PRO, Brightcove, or Vidyard.
  2. Have a marketing plan – Let’s face it, your video probably isn’t going to go viral, but you can take some steps to get some extra eyes on it. Leverage your blog, newsletter, social media channels, e-mail signatures, and events to share your video.
  3. Integrate the video on your website – Most companies like to put the video front and center on their homepage. Wherever you place it, it should integrate seamlessly with your brand and content.

crazyegg homepage explainer video

If you’re considering jumping on the explainer video bandwagon this year, I hope these tips will help point you in the right direction. They can save you time and money; but, more importantly, they’ll help you produce a video that delivers real, measurable results.

Have you made an explainer video? What are some tips or tricks you learned along the way?

About the Author: Andrew Follett is the Founder and CEO at Demo Duck and Video Brewery where he builds handcrafted explainer videos. He lives in Chicago, loves startups, and enjoys traveling. You can find more video tips and tricks on his blog or follow him on Twitter.

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