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How to Find Profitable Blog Niches Using Ubersuggest

A graphic saying "How To Find Profitable Blog Niches Using Ubersuggest"

When you’re starting a blog, it can be tough to know where to begin.

Trust me. I know.

You might have ideas for what you want to write about, but you’re worried about how saturated those blog niches may be.

That’s where Ubersuggest comes in!

Using Ubersuggest, I’ll show you the steps to find the best blog niches to make money.

There were others writing about SEO and digital marketing when I got started, but did I let that stop me?

I’ve gone through all the trial and error, so you don’t have to. Let’s get you started down the path toward a successful, money-making blog.

Why Niches Matter to Make Money With Your Blog

You may be wondering, “What should I blog about to make money?”

Starting a blog doesn’t have to be difficult, but establishing which niche is the best fit will help.

Your blog’s niche will determine who reads it and how much money you can make.

The first step is finding out what blog niches are most profitable and have a lot of traffic.

A chart about niches with the most high traffic blogs.

Source: RankIQ

You don’t want too much competition, though.

If there’s already a large group of people writing about a particular topic, then it may take a lot to compete for readership.

Fortunately, Ubersuggest makes this process easier by showing you how competitive keywords are and how much traffic those sites see.

The next step in choosing one of the most profitable blogging niches is to scope out the competition.

Set yourself apart by offering a unique angle or perspective. You want to stand out to your audience and build credibility with your readers.

You can target reader-specific interests, which will draw in those more likely to be interested in the products or services you promote.

That’s how you’ll earn money from blogs.

By providing valuable content that appeals to your niche audience, you can build a loyal following of readers. After all, a loyal audience is one that’s more likely to trust your recommendations and purchase products through your affiliate links.

Style of Blogs and Blog Monetization

Now it’s time to pick your niche.

There are many different styles of blogs and how to go about monetizing them, including:

  • Fitness: Health and wellness are at the top of most people’s to-do list, especially since the pandemic. Maybe you’ve started a line of fitness equipment or clothing. Maybe you offer a workout and nutrition plan. Use your social channels to build an audience and help readers hit their fitness goals.
  • Finance: Some of the best blog niches to make money are the ones that teach about making money. For example, you could educate people on how to manage their personal finances and create multiple income streams. While this is one of the best blogging niches to get into if you want to make money, it’s highly competitive. That’s why it’s important to find a unique angle. For instance, you might create a course covering topics like mastering the stock market.
  • DIY: From crafts to home improvement ideas, you can equip your readers with everything they need to know and empower them to start their next DIY project. You can then sell how-to guides and share affiliate links to any product sponsorships you garner to make money.
  • Lifestyle: This content can range from self-care to parenting. To monetize your blog, you can offer coaching sessions, sell digital products like a digital planner, or start a podcast to go hand in hand with your written content.
  • Business and Marketing: Did you realize that you’re on this type of blog right now? This kind of blog can range from freelancer tips to how to start a business online. To monetize your content, you can offer writing courses or provide SEO tools to help others with their brands.

Using Ubersuggest to Find the Right Niche

Identify an area of interest that you are passionate about.

It’s not as simple as just writing a blog post.

It’s about transferring your knowledge to your readers who are not experts like you.

Think about some of the things you could go on and on about all day. For me, it’s digital marketing and SEO.

What did you come up with?

Still not sure? Need to narrow down your list?

Let’s go over to Ubersuggest to get some inspiration.

We’ll start by doing keyword research.

Under the Keyword Research section, we can look up Keywords by Traffic.

Ubersuggest searching keywords by traffic.

Remember those topics you like talking about so much?

Let’s see how popular they are.

We’ll go with fitness for this experiment.

We’ll look up “fitness coach” and see what comes up.

Ubersuggest keyword overview for the term for "keto fitness coach".
Keywords for the term fitness coach from ubersuggest.

Now you have an idea of how popular this niche is and can start thinking about where you fit into the industry. So, if you want to partner with a fitness app, get some user-generated content (UGC) out there in parallel with how you’ll target your future workout buddies (aka your clients).

If we search something more specific like “keto fitness coach,” you’ll see there isn’t much traffic around it. With this example, you can see how niching down too far won’t get you a large audience to monetize.

Keyword overview from Ubersuggest for the term "keto fitness coach".

Make sure you pick a blog niche that’s a good fit for you and has a sizable audience. A sizable audience means a better chance of making money.

It’s also helpful to research what types of content pieces and topics are currently popular in your chosen niche.

You can fill in the gaps to set yourself apart.

Consider your own skills, experience, and resources when choosing a niche. You will be more successful with content that is both engaging and informative. Best of all, it’ll come naturally to you.

Your audience will find comfort in knowing you know what you’re talking about.

How Ubersuggest Helps You Get Your Blog Started

Once you get on Ubersuggest, navigate to the Keyword Research section to put together content ideas for your content strategy.

Say the niche you found to be your best match is fitness.

To get your fitness blog started, think about your specialties and what you’d like to talk about.

Let’s experiment with content ideas that can be achieved with common blogging principles.

We can use Keyword Visualization to brainstorm ideas within the fitness realm. Let’s assume one of your fitness specialties will be Pilates.

After we input “Pilates instructor,” we can see what people usually ask:

Keyword visualizer for the term "pilates instructor".

You can take these questions and answer them with your blog content.

Success in blog niches that make money, like fitness, takes planning out impactful content to reel in an audience.

So, we’ll take the question “How many Pilates classes a week to see results?” and answer it with the clients you’re training.

You can track their progress based on the classes they take and their nutrition plan. Then, inform your audience and prospective audience on what it takes to see results from Pilates.

Take this opportunity to present yourself as an expert and establish credibility with your audience.

Expanding from your blog, take this question to social media and answer it there as well.

Progress reports will keep your audience engaged and potentially catch the attention of fitness brands. You could then see partnerships coming in—like curating a clothing edit with Lululemon.

By the way, this is another way to make money (other than via new clients who have been following along with the progress and trust your results).

From here, you can answer other questions like this and build on your own expertise to build up income streams from your blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a profitable niche for my blog?

Use Ubersuggest. You can play around with the keyword research feature for content ideas and see which keywords generate a good amount of traffic for the niche you’re interested in. 

What kind of blogs earns the most money?

Some of the best blog niches that make money are fitness, DIY projects, finance, business and marketing, and lifestyle blogs. They are popular topics people search and seek someone to teach them about. Provide your audience with the knowledge they’re looking for and tools to do things more efficiently. 

What types of blogs are in demand?

The demand for the style of blog usually depends on the audience’s interest. Some of the most popular are business, food, technology, travel, and beauty blogs. Each offers something different and can even be monetized in a number of ways. 

How do beginner bloggers make money?

Beginner blogs usually start off with ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and maybe even subscription-based platforms like Patreon. It’s important to note that making money from blogging takes time, effort, and patience. Beginner bloggers should focus on creating high-quality content, building an audience, and experimenting with different monetization methods to find the best fit for their blog.


You may spend forever trying to find the best blogging niches if you fixate on which one makes the most money.

First, pick a niche you never get tired of talking about.

Think about some of those things you like to go into detail about with your friends and family.

You can turn your expertise and passions into something your share with others for their benefit as well.

Next, you’ll just need to figure out how to monetize.

If you position yourself as an expert and get the traffic behind you, the money will flow.

I hope this helped give you a kick-start with picking from blog niches that fit you now that you know which are the best blog niches to make money.

What niche do you think you’ll fit well in? Is it one that was on my list of most profitable blogging niches?

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