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Mobile Mania – The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

There’s no question that mobile devices have become a staple in everyday living around the world. Now more than ever it’s important that websites be optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization can increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement. It’ll give you an edge over the competition, too.

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Mobile Mania - The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

Facts and Stats to Tweet:

  • In August 2011 mobile browsing represented 7.1% of all worldwide browsing activity. »tweet«
  • Between 2/2009 and 8/2011, mobile browser share grew by 1000%. »tweet«
  • 25% (1 in 4) of mobile users expect to access the web from their device at least once a day. »tweet«
  • For online-only retailers, a mobile site can increase consumer engagement by as much as 85%. »tweet«
  • Website visitors are 51% more likely to do business with an online retailer if it has a mobile site. »tweet«
  • Mobile users are 88% more likely to do business with Auto Dealers if the website is optimized for mobile. »tweet«
  • In 2010 it was estimated that only 22% of the Alexa top 500 websites have optimized for mobile. »tweet«

With more web traffic coming from mobile, it’s becoming ever-more important to create a site that will get organic mobile traffic. Here’s some tips from Neil Patel:

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