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Introducing NP University

Are you considering a career in digital marketing or looking to improve your skills? Are you tired of finding generic SEO tips on Google and getting conflicting advice?

It’s time to take your digital marketing education into your own hands.

We’re excited to announce the launch of NP University on April 25th, 2022. This 10 week, SEO-intensive course was designed to help digital marketers learn what it takes to operate as an SEO professional and gain a deeper understanding of what works in today’s landscape.

You will learn exactly what Neil and his team do on a regular basis to help businesses expand their audiences, get more traffic, and drive more sales.

We have partnered with Ambra University, who brings a wealth of experience in the education space, to produce this exclusive course. They are a perfect partner for us to make this content extremely valuable to all attendees. A Neil Patel and Ambra University certification will be provided upon completion of this SEO-intensive course.

This course is 100 percent online and taught by some of the industry’s top digital marketing and SEO experts. Our first course only features 20 spots so make sure to sign up today while spots still remain.

Want to learn SEO for the experts? Sign up today to claim your spot.

What Is NP University?

NP University is a series of intensive LIVE courses designed to give digital marketers hands-on experience and simulate the process of working with a real client or account.

In our SEO professional course, you will be taught how to approach SEO for clients as if you were an SEO specialist at NP Digital. This includes how to research, develop, launch, and track high-performing campaigns that deliver results.

This course was designed by SEO expert Neil Patel and taught by industry experts like Taylor Brennan, SEO Director at NP Digital, and William Kammer, Director of SEO at NP Accel. It will teach you everything that needs to be focused on to grow online rankings, get more website traffic, and generate more business.

Not everyone has the time or money it takes to earn a postgraduate degree in digital marketing or SEO. Besides, what you learn from these programs is mostly theory-based and not the actual approaches that are working today.

The industry is rapidly changing so some of the strategies you might learn in a traditional degree or program could become outdated by the time you graduate.

So forget spending years in a post-grad program.

For just $2,997 (or 3 payments of $999) and 10 weeks of your time, you’ll get:

  • 2 LIVE expert-led classes every week for 10 weeks
  • 6 assignments
  • 7 quizzes
  • 1 oral presentation
  • 1-on-1 access to instructors during office hours
  • Neil Patel and Ambra University Certification upon completion

Why Did Neil Patel Start NP University?

Neil’s first business flopped.

Why? Because he trusted someone else to handle the marketing. Instead of giving up, he decided to learn everything he could about SEO, which sparked a love of all things digital marketing.

Over the years, he’s built a blog that gets over 9 million visitors a month and a global digital agency that helps hundreds of clients create successful campaigns by leveraging innovative SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing strategies.

Now, he wants to share the knowledge he’s learned with the world. At NP University, everyone can learn the process he and his team use to create data-backed strategies that work to help businesses increase rankings and get more traffic.

Who Should Attend NP University?

If looking for more hands-on learning to create SEO campaigns that deliver real results instead of just reading about basic strategies, NP University was created for you.

Our courses are designed for:

  • Any North American-based digital marketer looking to expand their knowledge and grow their skills.
  • People who are seriously considering a career in digital marketing.
  • Digital marketers who want to improve the quality of work they provide clients.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their understanding of SEO to create better campaigns.

Whether you’re just getting started with digital marketing and SEO or you want to get better results from your current campaigns, NP University is the training you’ve been waiting for.

Why You Should Invest in NP University

Neil Patel is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, and award-winning digital marketing expert with more than two decades of experience in the field. He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, and Neil Patel Digital as well as the creator of the SEO tool Ubersuggest.

All this to say—Neil knows digital marketing.

In fact, his digital agency was recently named MediaPost’s Agency of the Year for 2021. They have worked with hundreds of clients, including Party City and Hickory Farms, to grow their brands, reach more people, and expand revenue. At NP University, he’ll share the process and approach his team takes to drive explosive growth for each client—so you can do the same.

The exact same strategy won’t work for every client so you will learn how to use the NP Digital process to identify the key success drivers for each account.

What You’ll Learn in NP University

Whether you’re completely new to SEO or have dabbled in it before, NP University is here to help you understand what works and how to use it. We start by covering the basics—what SEO is and how search engines work—before diving into the processes Neil and his team use everyday to create data-backed solutions for clients.

Here’s a rundown of the units we’ll cover:


By the end of the course you’ll be able to:

  • conduct keyword research
  • analyze the most effective keywords based on search volume and CPC
  • apply NP Digital’s own SEO methodology
  • interpret customer journeys to inform decisions
  • incorporate SEO into any winning digital strategy
  • analyze the competition
  • apply competitive insights to create a successful digital strategy
  • develop and create a content calendar
  • develop and implement an SEO strategy
  • write blog posts that generate traffic (and drive conversions)
  • perform onsite optimization and recommendation audits
  • complete technical SEO audits

Ready to become an SEO expert? Submit your application to NP University now.

NP University Instructors

Each course is taught by a leading expert in the digital marketing field. They’ll share what works—and what doesn’t.


Frequently Asked Questions NP University

Is NP University worth the cost?

Yes. NP University costs less than similar certifications or master’s programs, and takes less time than trying to learn the same information on your own. You’ll learn from the top digital marketers in the field, including Neil Patel himself.

Can I complete NP University coursework at my own pace?

Live instruction is crucial to ensure students can ask questions and interact with other students. While some of the work can be completed at your own pace, most will require you stay on track with the rest of the class.

Due to company holidays, two classes will be held on Tuesdays on May 31st and June 21st.

Who will teach the courses at NP University?

The course will be taught by several SEO leaders from NP Digital with many years of experience working directly with clients to create powerful SEO solutions. You will learn from industry leaders who can show you the ins and outs of every topic.

How soon can I implement what I learn from this course in current campaigns I am working on?

You can start implementing what you learn as soon as you complete this course. You will be learning processes and strategies as if you were an SEO specialist at NP Digital so the material is directly transferable.

Conclusion: NP University

There is a ton of SEO advice on the internet, and that makes it difficult to find accurate, actionable steps you can take that work in today’s landscape. If you’re tired of getting conflicting advice from the thousands of posts online, come learn from the experts about what really works and what doesn’t.

NP University provides proven SEO strategies that get real results, not fluffy tips like “create better content.” You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of SEO and a clear, actionable process you can follow to improve traffic and get better results for your campaigns.

Ready to take your SEO knowledge to the next level? Register for NP University today.

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