Email Service Providers



Mailchimp is quickly becoming a leader in the email marketing industry because of their fun, quirky attitude, and their dedication to maintaining a positive image. They have a strong policy against spam and prefer to cater to small business and entrepreneur types more than Internet Marketers and bulk-emailers.

Mailchimp has a strong analytics package, full auto-responder functionality, and makes it easy to build, track, and segment campaigns of any type. Their built-in design editor is also handy for building great looking forms and emails on the fly.

Mailchimp accounts start at FREE for up to 500 subscribers.



AWeber is beloved by Bloggers and Internet Marketers everywhere, having been one of the early providers that understands the needs for advance features and functionality.

Like most reputable providers, AWeber works hard to maintain deliverability by enforcing quality control and best practices, but they also help you rate each and every email you send, with their built-in quality score tool.

Although they’ve long had a great analytics package, they’ve recently updated their core to provide a quick stats summary, which is a very useful way to test and split-test campaigns. They also have a full autoresponder, built in web form designer, and list segmentation tool.

Lastly, AWeber has done well to partner with many of the leading shopping carts in order to provide quick integration and automatic segmentation.

AWeber starts at $19 for the first 500 subscribers.

Campaign Monitor


Another young but well-tuned upstart is Campaign Monitor, who has built a very solid service by catering to designers and their clients. Rather than try to do everything well, Campaign Monitor has done a fantastic job of honing in on a specific audience in order to serve a specific need.

While they also offer full analytics and beautiful design, they’ve chosen not to offer autoresponder features. However, the ability to rebrand and and re-sell your account more than makes up for it. Using this feature, you can sub-lease your account to clients and partners in order to make a profit or enhance your company’s product line.

Campaign Monitor starts at just $15 for the first 500 subscribers.



Emma is a unique email experience that begins with custom design, a feature that separates them from the pack for people looking to differentiate themselves from those using standard templates.

Each Emma package includes custom forms and newsletters, full analytics, and unlike other providers, the ability to send surveys and forms to your audience.

Although Emma is slightly more expensive than their competitors, they make it up in customization and support.

Emma starts at $99, plus $30/month for 1000 emails.

Constant Contact

constant contact

Constant Contact is well known amongst the small business market, and distinguishes themselves in that market by offering private coaching and consulting for companies looking to get started with email marketing.

They also have a great package for event marketers, featuring many of the same features that you’d find in a typical email package. Both packages feature analytics, social media integration, form templates, and an anti-spam checker.

Though they don’t offer an autoresponder, they do offer a professional quality service at an affordable price.

Constant Contact starts at just $15/month and offers a free 60-day trial.


whatcounts email service provider

WhatCounts is different from those previously mentioned in the fact they offer full service email marketing, meaning that your account is managed by their client services team. At its core, this means you’ll have an email marketing expert to help you get started, monitor your success, and help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

This is a fantastic service for those people that might be looking to develop strong email campaigns without having to do everything on their own.

WhatCounts’s rates are unpublished, but you can contact them for a quote.



Flowtown is not an email host, but offers something much more exciting. Their tagline is “Social Media Marketing Made Profitable,” and the secret to their success is their ability to mine email addresses for social media profiles and other related data.

By importing your email lists, you can get their corresponding social media profiles and important data on their social standing.

Using their built in email tools, you can also send targeted emails to foster connections on a variety of social networks. Flowtown will teach you how to find your greatest influencers and reach out to them to spread your message.

Flowtown allows you to import up to 50 contacts for free, and pricing starts at just $17/month.