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New Data: Here’s What You Need to Change in Your SEO Strategy

We track over 7 billion keywords between Answer the Public and Ubersuggest.

We have analytics access to over 1 million websites.

We work with many large global companies with their SEO at my ad agency, NP Digital.

So, we see a lot of data and trends when it comes to SEO.

In both B2C and B2B SEO is changing and we have some data to share. But it is slightly different in B2C versus B2B.

Let’s start with B2C.

B2C SEO Trends

There are 4 major trends we are seeing in B2C when it comes to SEO.

Trend #1: Keywords with “best” or “top” are converting higher.

Those keywords always converted well, be we are seeing them convert higher than ever even though they aren’t driving much more traffic.

You’ve seen those listicles… you know the web pages that list the best toaster ovens or top 10 e-bikes?

Here’s how much more they are converting compared to before:

Trend #2: Pages with 151 or more reviews generate much more organic traffic.

This doesn’t mean you need 151 or more reviews to get organic traffic or generate sales.

But we saw pages with 151 plus reviews of their products generate substantially more SEO traffic.

Make sure you collect more reviews. If you aren’t sure how follow this.

Trend #3: Having your product listed on Amazon creates more website sales.

A lot of people hate Amazon. They say they charge too high of fees.

But what people forget about is all the money Amazon spent on marketing to help generate those sales for you.

Now when we looked at what happened to websites that never had their products listed on Amazon and then they listed them… their website sales did drop at the beginning.

In which people purchased on Amazon as it was more convenient for them.

But over time, their website sales and Amazon sales grew.

People found out about the product through Amazon and a percentage of them purchased on the website due to a promo or by being involved in that business’s community (social media or blog).

Check out the data:

If you have a product, consider listing it on all marketplaces… eBay, Walmart, Amazon, and anywhere else your customers may be.

It will help grow your brand and overall sales.

Trend 4: Ultra long-tail keywords are driving the largest chunk of sales.

When you look at a website’s traffic it typically comes from long-tail keywords.

But most of these keywords tend to be 3, 4, or even 5 words in length.

We are seeing a new trend, where keywords that are 7 or more words in length are starting to make up a big chunk of the conversions and revenue.

They typically don’t drive the most traffic, but revenue tends to be much higher.

Just look at the data from 2022 versus 2023.

Start targeting longer tail keywords.

You can find a lot of them using tools like Answer The Public and Ubersuggest.

I believe the long tail is the future.

It’s the untapped 680 million visitors opportunity in SEO.

8.5 billion searches a day are performed on Google.

8% of them (680 million) are questions.

When people perform a search, they aren’t thinking about keywords, they are looking for a solution to their problem.

And when you have a problem, there is a good chance your search query is a question.

So, if you create content around questions instead of keywords, there is a massive untapped SEO opportunity for you.

It’s why Quora, the question-and-answer site no one really talks about, is the 64th most popular site in the world according to Similar Web.

So how do you find these questions people are asking within your industry?

Just type in keywords into Answer the Public and it will show you 100s of up-and-coming questions people are searching for.

Now let’s go over the B2B SEO trends.

B2B SEO Trends

In B2B a lot of the trends in B2C are applicable.

Such as getting more reviews helps, being listed on other marketplaces helps drive sales… and top and best keywords perform well.

But I wanted to double down on ultra long-tail keywords as they are having a bigger impact on B2B than B2C.

So, let’s look at the data from my ad agency, NP Digital because I can share that.

When we look at just our SEO data from both a traffic and revenue perspective, 2023 was an interesting year, especially when you compare it to 2022.

Here’s an SEO traffic breakdown based on keyword length.

Now, let’s look at the keywords that drive our qualified lead count.

3-to-6-word keywords are generating most of our qualified leads, which makes sense as long-tail keywords drive the majority of a site’s organic traffic.

And let’s see what type of keywords are driving most of our revenue.

It’s crazy to see how the ultra-longtail, 7 or more words, is what is driving revenue.

Now let’s compare this with our 2022 revenue data.

In 2022, we had a similar traffic breakdown percentage to 2023.

But what we are seeing is a shift in the way people are searching.

They are becoming more specific with their search queries before they are looking to convert.

The longer-tail keywords are what’s driving more revenue these days and we see this trend with other B2B sites we work on.

So, in 2024, focus on long tail keywords that are 7 or more words.

It may not drive the traffic you are looking for, but it should drive the revenue you want.


SEO isn’t that complicated.

Yes, search engines keep changing their algorithms, but the data shows you the direction to take your strategy.

Your overall goal is to just delight users because that is what search engines are doing… adjusting their algorithm to show the sites that users love the most.

However, the charts and data above will help you improve your rankings in 2024.

If you ever want my team’s help with implementing any of the above tactics, hit us up.

What other changes are you seeing in SEO?

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