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How to Consistently Write Viral Content

Wouldn’t it suck to write content that no one wants to read? Well, now you won’t have to worry about that. Here’s how to make your content go viral each and every time:

Step 1: Go to Google Trends to see what’s popular. On their homepage it will show what’s going viral right now. If you write content that is just starting to go viral, you’ll be able to ride that wave and increase the chances of your content going viral too.

Step 2: Go to Buzzsumo and type in keywords within your space. You’ll see the most popular content within your space that went viral. Take the top viral pieces and write more detailed version than what worked in the past on Buzzsumo.

For example, if someone wrote “10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy”, you would want to write “101 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy”.

Once you have written your viral blog post, hit up all of the people that shared the other similar articles on Buzzsumo and ask them to share your content. Buzzsumo will break down each person who shared it so you will know who to contact.

By doing this more people will be sharing your content and it will likely go viral.

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