Based on your responses we suggest the following

7 Week Action Plan

Week 1: Finding Profitable Keywords

Finding Profitable Keywords

Spend your first week creating a set of keywords to target for SEO.  Targeting the right keywords, where there is lots of traffic, where the keywords convert into customers, and where you can beat the competition.

This week you will:

  1. Generate a list of keyword ideas that are relevant to your website.
  2. Evaluate the list to find a set of keywords that have traffic, convert, and that are winnable.
  3. Setup automated tracking of your keywords, by creating an Ubersuggest project, so you can monitor progress.


Week 2: SEO Site Audit

SEO Site Audit

Spend your second week fixing all the on-page SEO errors on your website.  Fixing these errors will make your site more search engine friendly and make it easier for you to rank for your keywords.

This week you will:

  1. Scan your website for SEO errors using the Ubersuggest audit tool
  2. Sort your list of SEO errors to find the most important issues and the easiest to fix
  3. Fix your onsite SEO errors


Week 3: Creating Sharable Content

Creating Sharable Content

Take my content marketing masterclass and see how I create content that drives both traffic and conversions.

This week you will:

  1. Discover what is already working for competitors in your market
  2. Create supercharged content that stands above your competitors
  3. Hire a writer to create content for you


Week 4: Advanced Tracking

Advanced Tracking

You can’t scale your marketing until you know what’s working and what’s not. By getting your tracking all set up correctly you’ll be able to see the traffic sources, content, and keywords that are driving revenue.

This week you will:

  1. Setup Google Analytics advanced tracking and alerts
  2. Setup Google Search Console, and check for crawl errors
  3. See dark traffic. Discover what types of traffic are working for you.


Week 5: Link Building

Link Building

Links show Google that your site is an authoritative and trusted source of information.  Building high-quality links will supercharge your SEO results, plus it will also increase your referral traffic.

This week you will:

  1. Identify quality backlinks that are available in your niche
  2. Create a target list of sites and find their email address
  3. Create outreach strategy and begin outreach


Week 6: Branding & Experience

Branding & Experience

Use your brand and customer experience as a tool to get you more traffic.  This week I will teach you how to tweak your brand and customer experience to create memorable experiences for your customers.

This week you will:

  1. Analyze your market and competition
  2. Survey your market to better understand their needs
  3. Implement brand & customer experience strategies for increasing traffic


Week 7: Advanced Content Marketing

Advanced Content Marketing

Take the content you made in week 3 and refine it.  Use the link building strategies from week 5 and combine them with the lessons from this week to promote your content.

This week you will:

  1. Reverse engineer your most successful competitor’s content marketing strategy
  2. Review and refine the content you started in week 3
  3. Promoting your content using link building strategies from week 5


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