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Instagram Hack: How to Get Your Customer’s to Promote Your Products On Instagram

Want to learn how to hack Instagram? Here are 3 simple tips to getting your customers to promote your product for YOU on Instagram!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites out there.

If you don’t have the app, you’re doing something wrong.

If you’re not using it on a daily basis, you’re doing something wrong. You can easily use Instagram for business.

Hey, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teach you how to get your customers to promote your product on Instagram.

#1: The first thing you want to check out is giveaways.

Do a monthly giveaway. It’s that simple. You do a giveaway.

You tell people to use a specific hashtag to be entered in the giveaway.

You’re going to get a ton of people on Instagram to do it.

If you don’t know how to spur it, just take your email list and then email them every single month on how you’re doing the giveaway and the contest rules, and what you’ll find is that everyone will go on Instagram and just start entering.

And by doing this, you’re going to get way more brand awareness and sales.

#2: The second thing you should do is, ask people to join the club.
Take a picture of using the product in service, put it on Instagram, and tag us.

By making it cool, hip, and fun, and including this in every product that you’re selling, more people are just likely to promote your product on Instagram. It is that simple.

don’t know why people don’t include this in every product they’re selling. Even if you’re selling products on Amazon, put a flyer in there to get people to promote your stuff on Instagram.

It is that simple.

#3: And last but not least, pay some influencers.

There are really popular influencers out there who have millions and millions of followers, and I wish I could tell you that you’re going to get them to enter your giveaway for free, but they’re not.

I want I could tell you that they’re going to do favors for you because of your cool and hip, and your product’s sexy, but they’re not.

If you give them some money, what’ll happen is they’ll promote it, and if people see favorite influencers promoting your product, everyone’s going to jump on the bandwagon and start buying.

Just look at Beats by Dre, which is now owned by Apple.

They bought it for billions of dollars. How’d that happen?

Well, every single celebrity was posting pictures of them using Beats by Dre. You see all those NBA players walking up at the start of a basketball game?

What are they wearing? Beats by Dre headphones.

That’s how they blew up.

You would see celebrities like the Kardashians posting pictures all over the web of them wearing Beats by Dre headphones, and if you get these people to do it all over Instagram, you’re going to become more popular.

More people are going to buy products and services, and you’ll see your income go up.

But when you’re doing all this stuff on Instagram, don’t expect to ROI right away.

I found that it takes six months to a year to do well.

And you can’t just do this as a channel to do well.

You have to do this. You have to do SEO. You have to do content marketing. You have to do pay per click. It’s a mixture of everything. When you combine all these channels, you can do well. If you just do only rely on one, you’re not going to do that well.

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