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How to Get More Facebook Fans Without Spending a Dollar on Advertising

Do you want a popular Facebook fan page? Well who doesn’t. One simple way of growing your fan page is through advertising, but that’s expensive and the quality of those fans usually aren’t as high as the ones who naturally want to “like” your page.

In this video I break down how you can generate more Facebook fans without spending a dollar on advertising. Here are some of the strategies I discuss:

1. Invite all of your Facebook friends to join your fan page.

2. Look for all of the competing fan pages and see what content does well on their page. Post similar content on your page. (Keep in mind videos and images do the best).

3. Add your competing fan pages to your Facebook Insights. From there replicate their most successful stories and create better versions of it.

4. Write the type of content that your fans love on your website and then share that content on your fan page. This will drive traffic back to your site and cause sales.

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