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How to Do Keyword Research In Less Than 60 Seconds

Before you can get traffic from Google you need to know what keywords to go after. If you go after the wrong ones you won’t generate any sales.

Here’s how to do keyword research within 60 seconds:

Step 1: Go to and put in your competitor’s URL. It will show you all of the keywords they are paying for. It shows you how much they are paying and what’s driving them the most traffic.

Step 2: Type in other competitors into SEMrush. Now that you have data on multiple competitors look for the common keywords that they are all paying for. If you see a trend that means the keyword must be converting well if all of your competitors are bidding on it.

You can then use the list of keywords that all of your competitors are going after and optimize your site for the same terms (both for organic and paid search).

PS: If you don’t have direct competitors type in indirect competitors into SEMrush… think of all of the sites that are in your space even if their product or service isn’t identical to yours.

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