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Should You Link Out to Your Competitors?

You’re not going to have the best content in the world and that’s ok. So naturally, you are going to link out to other amazing pieces of content.

The real question is, should you link out your competitors when they have amazing content?

I link out to my competitors multiple times a week. Sure it is driving them traffic, but I am doing what is best for my users.

By putting my users first and ensuring that they are getting an amazing user experience from my website they are more likely to come back.

This is one of the reasons my repeat visitors make up 40% of my monthly traffic.

In addition to that, linking out to competitors and others within your industry, helps Google determine what your website is about. This, in turn, helps them determine where to rank your website.

As you link out to other players within your space you’ll notice that they will also link back to you. This also helps boost your search engine rankings.

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