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How to Boost Your Mobile Conversion Rate

Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. Which means more of your traffic will be coming from mobile devices.

Because it is harder to buy products or services from mobile devices your revenue per visitor will decrease unless you optimize your site for mobile conversions.

Step #1: Create a responsive design – by making your design responsive it will work on all browser sizes and types. This ensures people can read and navigate your website no matter how big or small their phone may be.

Step #2: Use the Google AMP framework – this makes your website more minimal, which causes it to load faster. Even if people have 4G and LTE phones it doesn’t mean they have a strong signal as they are traveling around. For that reason, you should use the AMP framework.

Step #3: Minimize what you show on mobile devices – unlike desktop computers, mobile devices can’t show everything due to their screen size. So focus on the important elements first.

Step #4: Leverage exit popups – after someone is on your site for 20 to 30 seconds you can show people popups. You can do this for free using Hello Bar and this will help boost your conversion rate.

Step #5: Use tap to call – this allows people to call you with a tap of a finger. This will help you generate more phone calls from mobile phones.

Using these 5 strategies will help you generate more mobile sales.

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