How I helped Timothy Sykes Grow to $15 Million per Year

Timothy Sykes

Neil makes me grow to 15 million dollars in revenue each and every year! What more needs to be said.

Timothy Sykes

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  • The Problem

    Timothy Sykes teaches people how to successfully trade stocks online. Despite having several millionaire students and a loyal online following, Tim sensed that his website was still underperforming and that he could reach more students. As a result, he contacted me to help him improve his traffic and conversion rates.

  • The Results

    Within a few months, I increased his traffic by 26% through SEO and conversion rate by 250% through a/b testing. This lead Tim to make an extra $1.2 million in profit per year.

    • $1.2Million In Profit
    • 26%More Traffic

Our Strategy

  • Technique #1 Optimize the Site for Search Engines

    • Optimization

      By optimizing the site’s title tags, meta description tags, heading tags and content to include targeted keywords, I was able to increase the search traffic to

    • Ensuring Proper Indexation

      Through the use of sitemaps, pagination, no-indexing tags and the reconciliation of all duplicate content, I was able to ensure the proper indexation of Tim’s site.

    • Reconfiguring Existing Content

      By reconfiguring the website’s content to improve internal linking, I was able to uncover additional opportunities for long tail search traffic.

  • Technique #2 Boost Social Media Traffic

    • Promoting the Website

      To increase the number of social media visitors I taught Tim how to build up his social media accounts as well as how to engage with his followers in order to get more website visitors.

    • Greater Brand Awareness

      By teaching Tim how he can educate his followers in 140 characters, he was able to get more social media shares, which helped with traffic.

    • Connection with Existing Power Users

      By building relationships with power users I was able to spread Tim’s brand. This helped build his audience faster.

  • Technique #3 Increase Website Conversion Rate

    • A/B Testing

      Our first step was to survey Tim’s visitors to find out what they liked, what they didn’t like, what confused them, what they were buying and what else they were looking for. This allowed us to create multiple A/B split tests based on visitor feedback in order to hone in on the most effective combination of sales elements.

    • Boosting Conversions by Over 250 %

      The results of both our user surveys and split tests enabled us to develop a more efficient means of directing visitors to the products they were most interested in. The result? 250% increase in conversions!

  • Technique #4 Drive Community Engagement Through Blogging

    • Create Blog Topics

      By using visitor surveys and analytics reports, I was able to develop content topics Tim’s audience was interest in. This allowed us to connect better with existing audience members, and lead them to purchase more products.

    • Increase Blog Engagement

      To help increase engagement I taught Tim how to fine tune his writing style to help encourage comments and questions from his visitors.

    • Email Drip Sequence

      I helped put email drip systems in place in order to connect with people who didn’t visit the blog regularly. This helped bring them back to the site and increase total sales.

  • Technique #5 Leverage Paid Advertising

    • Targeting Returning Visitors

      70% of the purchases on came from repeat visitors. Because of this, I created remarketing campaigns to get people back to the website. This campaign has a 218% return on investment.

    • Expand Paid Acquisition

      From paid YouTube ads, to pay per click advertising, I tested 7 different paid advertising channels and found 5 to create a positive ROI. I continued to leverage those 5 to increase purchases.

    • New Creatives Every Week

      I noticed that click through rates decreased on paid channels every few weeks. To fight this I continually made new creatives every week to help boost the click through rates on ads.

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