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How To Use AnswerThePublic for Viral YouTube Content Creation

A graphic that says "How To Use AnswerThePublic for Viral YouTube Creation

Have you ever seen a YouTube video with millions, even billions of views, and thought: “I’d like my videos to be that well-received.”

My AnswerThePublic tool is a fantastic way to understand what your customers are talking about and help you create YouTube content they can’t help but watch.

Now let’s investigate what makes YouTube videos successful and how to use AnswerThePublic in your YouTube engagement strategy.

What Makes YouTube Content Successful?

Think about the YouTube videos that are in your playlist.

Perhaps it’s a video about SEO ranking factors that you like to refer back to now and again.

Maybe it’s your favorite song that makes you feel happy when you’re in a bad mood.

It could be a video about how to fix that leaky boiler in your apartment.

What do all of these videos have in common?

They all fulfill a specific need.

How does this apply to your own YouTube content creation? It’s essential to create videos that help your target audience.

Take my YouTube channel. I don’t just create videos because I feel like talking about a particular subject. I create content to answer questions that people have. As a result, I get good views and engagement on my videos.

Neil Patel Youtube.

One of my most popular videos is “SEO.” It currently has 1.8 million views, 39,000 likes, and over 3,300 comments. It contains actionable tips to increase the chances of ranking at the top of Google, something everyone with a website can reap the benefits of.

A good keyword research tool can help you identify the content that best resonates with your prospective customers’ needs.

Why Going Viral Isn’t the Best Marker of YouTube Success

Many digital marketers dream of their content going viral, of their videos becoming the next Evolution of Dance or Friday.

However, virality and lots of views aren’t necessarily a benchmark of success when it comes to content creation for YouTube.

Here’s an example. In May 2022, a fish and chip shop in the U.K., “Binley Mega Chippy”, became famous on social media with a catchy jingle that got into everyone’s heads.

However, interest in the takeaway peaked in a few weeks, and now, searches are back to pre-viral levels.

Interest over time binley mega chippy.

Going viral can give your content a sudden burst of attention, but as you can see in the case of Binley Mega Chippy, this doesn’t always equate to long-term interest.

Why is this the case?

People might watch a viral video out of curiosity or to see what the fuss is about, but they don’t return to it. The best videos are those your customers keep coming back to repeatedly because they answer their questions.

So, if your video isn’t getting thousands of views in the first few days of launching it, don’t panic. It’s better to create well-thought-out content that builds a loyal and engaged audience over time than waste time and effort on content that quickly fizzles out.

Quality over quantity each and every time.

Let’s look at how to get fantastic content creation ideas for YouTube with AnswerThePublic.

How AnswerThePublic Can Help Create YouTube Content Ideas

Let’s imagine you run a restaurant in Las Vegas, and you want to encourage visitors to come and check you out. It’s important to understand the questions tourists are asking.

Your research indicates that one of the questions potential customers ask is, “Where are the best places to eat in Las Vegas?” You create a short video listing the top eateries (with your restaurant in the number one spot, of course!)

As a result, people check out your video and make a point to book a table with you.

YouTube search results for "Where are the best places to eat in Las Vegas?

So how do you find the questions your potential customers are asking?

This is where AnswerThePublic comes in. AnswerThePublic is a search listening tool. This means it uses autosuggest data from Google, Bing, and YouTube to suggest things people have been searching for.

Autosuggest on Google Search for the phrase "BBQ sauce recipes

So when you use AnswerThePublic, you’re getting lots of keyword ideas that people are actively looking for in the search engines. Perfect for generating YouTube video ideas!

Let’s look together at how to use AnswerThePublic for YouTube content creation. Imagine you sell home décor and want to create a batch of engaging YouTube videos.

Step One: Search AnswerThePublic

You start with a seed keyword, a one or two-word phrase. You can try seed keywords based on your core products or keywords you’re using on your website the most. You can use a tool like Wordcounter to identify the most common words and phrases mentioned on a page.

Let’s use “throw pillow” as our seed keyword and see what AnswerThePublic comes up with.

Choose your country and language, press the search button, and you’re ready to go.

AnswerThePublic search for 'throw pillows'

AnswerThePublic checks Google by default; however I also recommend running your search in YouTube and Bing too, as this will yield different results. You can toggle this by clicking on the icons at the top of the search box.

AnswerThePublic search box, set to YouTube

AnswerThePublic sorts your data into different categories:

  • Questions people are asking
  • Prepositions (a word used before or after your keyword like “on,” “to,” or “with”)
  • Comparisons with other items and brands

You can also view your content in two ways, as an alphabetical list…

Alphabetical list in AnswerThePublic

…Or as a visualization. The visualizations are brilliant for including in reports and identifying the connections between keywords.

Example of a visualization in AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic shows search volume and cost-per-click information so you can identify which keywords are most popular with searchers.

Let’s look at the preposition wheel to identify some potential content ideas for “throw pillows.”

Alt text: AnswerThePublic visualization wheel for "throw pillows"

Not all the suggestions will be relevant to your business, for example, “make throw pillows without sewing machine.”

Close-up of visualization wheel on AnswerThePublic

Here’s an interesting one that looks popular: “throw pillows with birds.” This phrase has a decent search volume and a relatively low cost-per-click, indicating that people regularly use it when searching online.

Here’s a handy tip. Look at the orange dots in the middle of the AnswerThePublic visualizations. The darker the dot, the more it is being searched for!

Step Two: See What Your Competitors Are Doing

Did you know that 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?

This means your videos potentially have a lot of competition.

Once you’ve got your keyword, it’s essential to see what videos you’re potentially going up against. Let’s search YouTube for “throw pillows with birds” and see what comes up.

YouTube search results for "throw pillows with birds"

While there is a video, it’s five years old, short, and hasn’t got many views. This means you could outrank it by creating an engaging, well-researched, SEO-optimized piece of content.

Step Three: Optimize Your Video for SEO

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world? According to Oberlo, it gets more hits than Bing, Yahoo,, and AOL combined.

This means optimizing your YouTube content for the right keywords can increase the odds of your video standing out, not just on YouTube, but Google too.

Neil Patel YouTube videos in the Google search engine results

Like SEO for blogs and website copy, YouTube SEO is big business!

Take my video: “Are blog posts the best SEO strategy today?” I’ve used this keyword not just in the title of my video but in the description and video transcript to get the right results.

Screenshot of the Neil Patel video "Are blog posts the best SEO strategy today?"

AnswerThePublic is excellent for finding the ideal keywords to use in your video. By “ideal keywords,” I mean those popular enough that people are searching for them but not so popular that there is too much competition.

(Don’t forget the orange dots. The darker the dot, the more it is being searched for and the better for your SEO.)

Once you’ve got your keywords, here’s how you can use them on YouTube to enhance your presence:

  • Rename your file using your keywords before you upload it to YouTube
  • Add the keywords to your video title and description
  • Tag your video with relevant keywords
  • Include hashtags containing your keywords
  • Upload a transcript containing your keywords

Step Four: Find Even More Video Ideas

You can use AnswerThePublic to find even more content creation ideas. Here’s how.

Let’s go back to “bird throw pillow,” the keyword we found in AnswerThePublic. We’re going to use this as a brand-new seed keyword. It’s a bit longer than the one- or two-word seed keyword I recommended you use, but you’ll still get great results.

AnswerThePublic search box with the keyword “bird throw pillows”

You’ll get a list showing all the keywords and phrases people searching for “bird throw pillows” are also looking for.

Here’s an interesting one with a high search volume: “Biggest throw pillows.” This could make for a fun and engaging YouTube video.

AnswerThePublic data for “biggest throw pillows”

Here’s a neat tip. If you use the paid-for version of AnswerThePublic, you can get all the latest keywords for a specific seed keyword sent to your inbox. This means you’ve always got your finger on the pulse regarding what people are asking about a particular topic. what people are asking about a particular topic.


Developing YouTube marketing strategies is tricky.

You don’t just have to create videos, but you have to develop content ideas, optimize them for SEO, and keep an eye on your competitors’ videos too!

Luckily, tools like AnswerThePublic make it easier to develop solid content ideas your target audience will love.

As far as YouTube content creation tools go, AnswerThePublic is hard to beat. You get three free searches a day if you sign up with your Google account. No credit card details required!

While I can’t promise you’ll go viral, I can promise you’re one step closer to creating engaging, evergreen video content.

Which YouTube content creation tools are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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