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Ubersuggest vs Spyfu: SEO Tool Comparison 

Ubersuggest vs. Spyfu.

People often ask me what the quickest and easiest way to boost your SEO strategy is. The answer?

Competitor research.

By understanding your nearest competitors, you can learn what keywords they’re using and how to create better content that outranks them in the SERPs.

Take Amazon and Walmart, for example, two e-commerce giants always competing for the number one spot on Google. They don’t do this through luck – both companies meticulously track each other’s products, pages, and keywords to ensure they’re always one step ahead.

To carry out competitor research, you need a powerful research tool. Two of the best tools around are Ubersuggest and Spyfu. But which one should your business be using? I’ve put together this comprehensive guide to look at who wins in the battle of Ubersuggest vs Spyfu.

Let’s get started!

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Using Ubersuggest for SEO

Ubersuggest for SEO.

Ubersuggest is an easy and affordable way to get insight into your competitors, regardless of their size or industry. Type in a domain, and this platform will provide lots of valuable data to help you get the edge over your closest rivals.

Ubersuggest and AnswerThePublic work exceptionally well together too. Use AnswerThePublic to find out what people are asking on Google and Ubersuggest to identify high-volume, low-competition keywords to use. It’s the easy way to give your SEO strategy a boost!

Ubersuggest Features

Both Ubersuggest and Spyfu use Google as a source of data. This means the information you get about keywords and domains on both platforms will be very similar. However, Ubersuggest has features and functionality that Spyfu doesn’t, and vice versa.

Ubersuggest has a site audit feature that you can use to identify SEO issues on your website or even a competitor’s site. This means you can make changes behind the scenes to make your website easier to read or improve page load speed.

Example of a Site Audit report on Ubersuggest

One feature that Ubersuggest has that Spyfu doesn’t is content creation ideas. When you enter a keyword, you can uncover the most popular content on Google and get inspiration for brand-new blog posts and landing pages.

Ubersuggest Content Ideas report for 'iced tea'

Another fantastic feature (and one that I’m proud of!) is the Ubersuggest extension. You can use this free Chrome extension to get lots of handy data in Google search, including estimated traffic and related keywords. It’s a brilliant way to get information on the go, without logging into the Ubersuggest platform.

Ubersuggest extension results for the NP Digital Instagram page

Finally, the Keyword Visualization tool helps you identify lots of brand-new keywords you can use on your site to get an advantage over your competitors. Enter your seed keyword, and Ubersuggest will recommend a range of additional long-tail phrases to get you started.

Ubersuggest Keyword Visualization report for 'iced tea'

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest is one of the most cost-effective keyword research tools on the market. After all, all businesses should be able to take advantage of high-quality competitor research, no matter their size or marketing budget.

Ubersuggest pricing tiers, with Individual starting at $29 a month, Business $49 a month, and Enterprise $99 a month.

Ubersuggest starts at $29 a month. Even on the lowest pricing tier, you get access to incredible functionality, like 150 searches a day and the ability to track 5 different competitor domains. You can even customize your Ubersuggest plan with add-ons like extra daily searches and additional competitor domains.

One cool way Ubersuggest pricing stands out from the other keyword research tools available is through its lifetime plan – this is something none of our rivals offer.

For $290, you can pay once and access Ubersuggest for life. No monthly fees, and you always have the latest, updated version of the platform. It’s fantastic value for money and ideal for marketing teams that are on a tight budget.

Finally, Ubersuggest is completely risk-free. You get a 7-day free trial to ensure your pricing plan is the right choice, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy the lifetime plan. If you’re not impressed, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

(Although I’m confident you’ll love it so much, you won’t need this!)

Is there a free version of Ubersuggest?

Yes, there is! When we created Ubersuggest, we wanted to provide a free version that gave people all the information they needed to enhance their SEO and gather intelligence on their key competitors. In fact, we’ve made it even more ‘free’ as time has gone on!

With the free version, you get;

  • Keyword suggestions and data, including monthly search volumes, cost-per-click, and competition level
  • Competitor domain analysis, including frequently used keywords, traffic sources, and backlinks
  • Personalized SEO recommendations
  • Three months of historical data
  • Use of the Ubersuggest extension

It takes seconds to sign up, and we don’t ask for your credit card details. Sign in, enter your query, and you’re ready to go!

Ubersuggest Customer Thoughts

“Since the day Ubersuggest was launched, I have been using it, and I like how they continue to enhance their offerings. I have a premium account, which enables me to conduct research without being constrained by a free trial. It is simple for me to export the outcome in CSV, edit it, and store it for later use.

The primary reason I use Ubersuggest is because it is far less expensive than other keyword research service providers. Ubersuggest makes it simple for me to give each of my competitors a difficult fight.”

Ten out of ten Trustradius Ubersuggest review from Abhinav

We love getting feedback about Ubersuggest. All the reviews we receive, positive and negative, give us the valuable insight we need to develop the platform, making it an indispensable resource for customers all over the world.

Our customers love how easy the platform is to use, the data they can gather, and how much value for money it provides!

Using Spyfu for SEO

Spyfu home page, focusing on the website domain

Spyfu was initially launched as a tool that allowed users to see what keywords their competitors used on Google Ads, or AdWords as it was known back in the day. Over time, the platform evolved to focus on not just paid advertising, but SEO too.

This tool is the competitor research platform of choice for a wide range of international brands, including heavy hitters like Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Adobe. However, with its affordable pricing and ease of use, even SMEs can take advantage of everything Spyfu offers.

Let’s look at why people love Spyfu for competitor analysis.

Spyfu Features

Spyfu domain overview for

One of the things I like about Spyfu is that it breaks keyword information down into easy, manageable chunks. This means businesses with a limited knowledge of SEO or that don’t have the time to pore through the data, can still gain valuable insight.

For example, this ‘Almost There’ report shows you keywords on the second page of Google that could make the first page with some nurturing.

Almost There report for on Spyfu 

Another cool feature is the ‘Kombat’ report, which is essentially an easy way to do content gap analysis. By searching your own domain and up to two other competitors, you can see at a glance:

  • Which keywords you have in common
  • Which keywords you rank for, but your competitors don’t
  • Which keywords your competitors don’t rank for, but you do
Example of a Kombat report on Spyfu

A feature that Spyfu has that Ubersuggest doesn’t is the ability to generate custom automated SEO reports. Depending on your pricing tier, you can run up to ten reports a month to an unlimited number. These reports are a fantastic way to uncover the metrics that matter to your business, or, if you’re a digital marketing agency, to show to your clients.

As well as checking out your competitors’ backlinks, Spyfu also has an Outreach Manager, which you can use to keep on top of your backlinks, find high-quality sites to link to, and discover the right people to contact. Platforms like Semrush offer this functionality, but it comes at a fraction of the cost with Spyfu.

Backlink acquisition can be one of the most challenging aspects of SEO, so anything that makes the process easier is a welcome addition to any SEO platform!

Spyfu's Outreach Manager tool

One of the benefits of Spyfu is that it has an API that digital marketers can integrate into their systems. This means they don’t have to log into Spyfu whenever they need data, can easily automate tasks, and even create their own bespoke tools.

Unlike Ubersuggest, Spyfu doesn’t have a Chrome extension. While third-party extensions are available in the Chrome web store, none are officially affiliated with the platform.

Spyfu Pricing

Let’s look at the Spyfu cost.

A lot of the competitors we’ve looked at in previous articles are significantly more expensive than Ubersuggest. For example, Semrush costs over $100 a month. However, Spyfu pricing is much more competitive, making it ideal for smaller marketing teams.

Spyfu pricing tiers, with Basic starting at $16 a month, Professional $36 a month, and Team $149 a month

With Spyfu, you save a lot of money If you pay annually. For example, the Basic plan works out as $16 a month if you pay in advance for the year, and $39 if you pay month-on-month. That’s a saving of 59 percent!

You get unlimited data on the Professional and Team plans, meaning you can access as much information as you need. Even with the Basic plan, you get to see 10,000 search results at a time, which is a significant amount of data to get you started!

One of the downsides of Spyfu’s pricing structure is that there isn’t a free trial, meaning you can’t try out the different tiers to see which suits your needs. However, there is a decent free version, which we’ll look at shortly, and like Ubersuggest, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Is there a free version of Spyfu?

Yes. The free version of Spyfu gives you limited access to the dashboard. You get:

  • The top ten results for keyword research
  • The top then results for competitor analysis
  • 1 month of ad history
  • Access to the keyword finder and backlink checker

A significant limitation is that you can’t export data, meaning you aren’t able to download information to a spreadsheet. However, the free version is fantastic if you want to see if Spyfu is right for your needs before buying.

Spyfu Customer Thoughts

“Spyfu is a great tool for competitive research and paid search research. I like to conduct my research for all my paid ad campaigns and then export my results into a spreadsheet and find the most profitable keywords and other low-hanging fruit that I am not currently trying to rank for advertising. This has proven to be a very effective tool to conduct this research.”

Ten out of ten Trustradius Spyfu review from Tyler

Spyfu is one of the most popular names around when it comes to effortless competitor research. Users love how easy to use the platform is, the massive amount of data it offers, and the affordable pricing. Plus, like Ubersuggest, Spyfu is regularly updated with new features to provide the most value to customers.

Customers also love the training available – there’s a comprehensive knowledge base, video tutorials, live chat, and email support.

Example of a training video tutorial in Spyfu

Ubersuggest vs Spyfu: What’s the Better SEO Tool?

So far, our Spyfu competitor analysis has shown that while both platforms have many features in common, they also have unique functionality that makes them stand out.

Ubersuggest vs Spyfu Features

PricingFrom $29 a monthFrom $16 a month (paid annually)
Lifetime plan availableYesNo
Free version availableYesYes
Free trial availableYesNo
Number of keywords you can trackFrom 150From 10,000
Number of usersFrom 1 (additional seats are available with other plans or can be purchased)From 1 (additional seats are available with the Team plan)
Search engines it gets data fromGoogleGoogle
Projects availableFrom 1From 1
Historical dataYesYes
Competitor analysisYesYes
Content ideas and topic researchYesYes
Backlink analysisYesYes
Backlink managementNoYes
Keyword researchYesYes
AI content generatorYesNo
Chrome extensionYesNo
Website auditYesNo
Social media toolsNoNo
Local SEONoNo
Training and support toolsYesYes
Multi-lingual supportYesNo
API supportNoYes (on Professional plan upwards)
Automated reportingNoYes

So, which is the better SEO tool? While it ultimately depends on what you need and your marketing budget, I’d recommend Ubersuggest. It offers a wide range of valuable features, is easy to use, and can be translated into languages including Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Plus, the lifetime plan makes it an incredibly cost-effective option for smaller businesses. With that said, there are some specific areas where Spyfu comes out on top, like PPC.

Can You Use Ubersuggest and Spyfu Together?

In this article, we’ve talked about Ubersuggest vs Spyfu, but nothing is stopping you from using the two together! As both platforms are highly cost-effective, you may benefit from subscribing to the pair of them at the same time.

So how can you combine the powers of Ubersuggest and Spyfu to enhance your competitor research?

I’d start by using Spyfu to look at your competitor’s websites and identify keywords that they’re using that you’re not. The Kombat report is excellent for this; just search under the ‘Missing Keywords’ segment.

Missing Keywords on Kombat report

When you’ve identified keywords you want to rank for, go to the Content Ideas section of Ubersuggest. Enter your terms, and you can get some inspiration for content that will edge your competitors off the first page of Google!


Competitor research is hard. You don’t just need to be aware of who your main competitors are, but what keywords they’re ranking for, and where there are gaps in their SEO strategies. It’s a lot to keep track of! A high-quality competitor research platform should be an essential part of your marketing stack.

If you want a dedicated platform for monitoring your competitors, Spyfu is a solid option, as the sheer amount of data you can gather about other domains is incredible.

However, If you want a dedicated SEO-all-rounder to help you with keyword research, competitor analysis, and content marketing, I’d recommend Ubersuggest. As well as detailed keyword research and competitor analysis, you can optimize your website, and even create AI content!

Whichever tool you choose though, you’re one step closer to winning at SEO!

Ubersuggest or Spyfu: which is your favorite, and which would you recommend to a business creating an SEO strategy? Alternatively, which Spyfu competitors do you use? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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