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New TikTok SEO Feature

According to a Google VP, nearly half of Gen-Z uses TikTok and Instagram to search over Google.

But that statement is nothing new… we’ve all known about it for a while.

The real question that comes to mind isn’t how to optimize for TikTok or Instagram… it’s more so how to figure out what users are searching for.

If you know that, you can optimize it.

See, Google search is drastically different from TikTok and Instagram, so assuming that people use the same keywords is a big flaw.

Here’s how to find out what people are searching on TikTok.

First, head to Answer the Public.

Then select “TikTok” and type in any one or two-word phrase related to your target industry.

For this example, I typed in “marketing” as I am targeting people and companies interested in marketing.

Then click “search”.

You should then see a results page that starts pulling data from TikTok (it can take a few seconds or a bit more to load, depending on how fast we can get the data back from TikTok).

You’ll see a really long report, but I’ll break it down section by section for you.

The first section is an overview.

The image above breaks down the popularity of the keyword you typed in and shows you the number of other popular keywords related to the original keyword you typed in.

Now let’s dive into the questions section

Questions are a group of question-related keywords people search for on TikTok.

You can also click on any of the questions to be taken to TikTok, where you can see all of the popular accounts and videos related to that keyword.

This is useful because it can show you influencers you should connect with and build relationships with, as well as generate content ideas based on what is already popular and has worked previously on TikTok.


The next group of keywords is around prepositions.

Just like the questions section, you can see search volume data. You can click on any keyword to be taken to TikTok, where you will be shown popular accounts and content ideas.


Then, you’ll see comparison-related keywords once you scroll a bit more.

These keywords aren’t as popular but are typically more bottom-of-the-funnel keywords.

Which if you create content around these keywords, they are more likely to bring in customers.

Letters and numbers

Then, you have a big group of keywords based on different letter and number combinations.

There will be a lot of keywords to go through, but the way they are organized makes it easy to skim through them.


Try using Answer the Public. It can give you many ideas for TikTok content creation and show you what’s popular within your industry.

The beautiful part about Answer the Public is you can get a lot done from their free account.

You can also use it to find popular keywords for Amazon, Google, YouTube, and Bing.

The best part is that the database is updated daily. So, as search patterns change on TikTok or any other platform, they show up on Answer the Public on the same day.

Try it out.

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