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NP Summit 2023: A Free, Online Digital Marketing & Sales Conference for Small Businesses

NP Summit 2021: A Free, Online Digital Marketing & Sales Conference for Small Businesses

I’m so excited to announce my Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Business Online Summit on Feb. 23, a free summit that focuses on digital marketing strategies for small and medium businesses. (You can also get lifetime access to day 2 and our past summits for under $100 during this special offer.)

According to Small Business Trends, 32 percent of small businesses don’t have a budget for content marketing. That’s a huge missed opportunity for small and medium businesses that could be building awareness opportunities, leads, and conversions through search and social.

I’ve helped large and small businesses maximize their online marketing strategies, generate leads, and increase conversions through strategic SEO, effective e-commerce sites, valuable content, and effective email marketing campaigns.

I’m gathering the best of the best from across my teams. They’ll be teaching you essential digital marketing skills, such as: 

  • How to leverage platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to increase lead generation;
  • How to fix common SEO and content mistakes;
  • How to get a leg up on the competition through local SEO; and 
  • How to use email marketing the right way.

When you sign up for the free summit, you’ll get access to all eight lectures to help your small business stand out online and boost sales.

I’ve also collected a wealth of information in lessons and case studies that I can’t wait to share. In addition, you’ll get the chance to have our team analyze your website and give expert recommendations.

NP Summit Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

Our summit sessions are tailored toward the challenges small and medium businesses face. Here’s a summary of the skills and strategies you’ll learn throughout the day. Sessions begin at 11 a.m. PST and continue through the afternoon. 

Turn Your Idea Into a Real Business: 10 Steps From Zero to Hundreds of Sales Opportunities With a Solid Digital Strategy

I’ll kick off the summit by teaching you how to put together your own digital sales strategy. Whether you have no digital strategy or your current strategy is a bit stagnant, this session will help you kick-start sales online.

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5 Email Campaigns to Break Your Sales Record From Last Year

Vignesh Kumar, VP of email marketing for NPAccel, will take you through five strategies that will take your email marketing to the next level.

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How to Crush Local SEO: Make Your Grass Look Greener Than Your Neighbor’s

Did you know 97 percent of people learn about a local business through online resources? Matthew Santos, VP of products and strategy at NPAccel, will show you how to harness the power of local SEO to help people find you online.

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Small Businesses Biggest SEO Mistakes and 3 Simple Rules to Fix Your Campaign

Optimizing for SEO is more than picking a keyword and plugging it into a piece of content. Kelsey Jones, editor-in-chief at Neil Patel and SEO content strategist, explores the most common SEO mistakes that hurt small businesses — and shows you how to fix them.

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YouTube for Small Businesses: How to Leverage Videos to Drive Qualified Opportunities to Your Company

Video is a powerful tool for raising awareness and generating leads, and YouTube is the second-most visited site after Google. Our in-house specialist, Carlos Magno, shows you how to add YouTube videos to your digital marketing strategy.

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The Most Common Technical SEO Errors to Watch Out For that Could Be Severely Hurting Your Business

Rafael Simões, SEO manager at NP Accel will show you what SEO errors could be affecting your website and revenue.

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How to Make the Most of Your Money With Facebook Ads

Brooke Weller, VP of paid media at NPAccel will show you how to maximize your paid ad strategy on Facebook using the tools available through Facebook Business.

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How We Grew Neil Patel Brazil’s Blog Organic Traffic by Almost 200% in 5 Months + Optimizations You Can Use on Your Website Today

Finally, Pedro Carvalho at Neil Patel Brazil walks you through a case study of our own success in lifting organic traffic and shares tips you can apply to your own site right away.

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NP Summit 2021 Speakers

I’ve gathered a team of digital marketing specialists from Ubersuggest,, and NPAccel to share their expertise with you. Here’s who you can expect to hear from.

Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Business Online Summit Neil patel

Neil Patel

Co-founder at NP Digital, Crazy Egg, Hello Bar & Ubersuggest

Neil is one of The Wall Street Journal’s top influencers on the web. He is a New York Times bestselling author and has helped dozens of major companies grow through more successful marketing strategies, including Airbnb, Microsoft, and NBC. As a former small business owner himself, he is passionate about helping small businesses succeed.

Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Business Online Summit Vignesh

Vignesh Kumar

Email Marketing Consultant at NPAccel

Vignesh is an expert in email marketing and paid advertising, with 13 years’ experience in copywriting. His presentation will focus on email marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Business Online Summit Matthew santos

Matthew Santos

VP of Products and Strategy at NPAccel

Matthew leads product development and product operations for NPAccel. He specializes in SEO and creating strategies to increase search. He is an expert in search analysis and SEO diagnostics to increase traffic and funnel conversion.

Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Business Online Summit Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

Editor-in-Chief at Neil Patel and SEO Content Strategist

Kelsey is the former executive editor of Search Engine Journal and co-host of the Search Engine Journal Nerds podcast. As editor-in-chief of Neil Patel, she manages the editorial strategy and process. She has been a featured speaker for the Digital Marketing Institute and State of Search, among many others.

Rafael Simões

SEO Manager at Neil Patel

Rafael is an SEO specialist with over 9 years of experience. Since 2011, Rafael has been helping companies in Brazil and the world to sell more and increase their traffic using Search Engine / Experience Optimization (SEO), Conversion Optimization (CRO), Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Growth Hacking techniques.

Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Business Online Summit carlos

Carlos Magno

Product Manager at UberSuggest and YouTube Marketing at Neil Patel

For over 10 years, Carlos has been a digital marketing consultant, guiding companies through their digital marketing strategies. At Neil Patel, he specializes in capturing leads through YouTube marketing. 

Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Business Online Summit brooke weller

Brooke Weller

VP of Paid Media at NPAccel

Brooke has 15 years’ leadership experience in marketing, including a number of years in paid media. As well as specializing in paid social and mobile advertising, she has helped both B2B and B2C companies with content strategy and SEO, and integrated marketing solutions. 

Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Business Online Summit pedro carvalho

Pedro Carvalho

Digital Marketing Consultant at Neil Patel Brazil

Pedro is an SEO consultant responsible for incredible growth for his clients. He will be giving a talk on how Neil Patel Brazil grew SEO traffic by 200% in five months.

Register for your free pass for the Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Business Online Summit today and mark your calendar for Feb. 23! And don’t forget about signing up for day 2 to get lifetime access to our past conferences. Get ready to take your digital marketing for your small business to the next level!

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