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NP Digital acquires Rebl House

We’ve done acquisitions in the past with Ubersuggest and Answer the Public and will do a good amount during 2024.

But the acquisition of Rebl House was different.

At my ad agency, NP Digital, we are a “digital” first ad agency.

That’s where we believe the future is. Hence, we haven’t done as much traditional marketing as the older players in the space.

But one certain thing, especially with AI changing at a rapid pace, creatives and the concepts behind the ads are more important than ever.

With technology making it easier to manage ads (still tricky to scale them up profitably), your biggest leverage point is the ad itself. In essence, the creative.

Because that is what separates your marketing from the competition.

Sure you could use AI to help with your ad creation, but the concept and vision are hard to replicate with AI (at least for now).

And that’s why we acquired Rebl House.

Checkout some of their work

What we love about Rebl House (no shocker) is their creativity, not just for B2C companies but also for B2B.

Just check out their demo reel.

Or what they did with Jennifer Lopez was not only creative but engaging.

They have tons of work in many different languages for companies in all types of industries and for businesses of all sizes.

You can check out their work here.

And you can find the official announcement here.

If you like what you see and want to work with us, hit us up.

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