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Mangools vs Ubersuggest: SEO Tool Comparison

Mangools vs. ubersuggest.

Can you do SEO if you’re on a budget? The answer is a resounding yes!

Some companies think they can’t do SEO if their marketing budget is low, but this simply isn’t the case. Ubersuggest and Mangools are two well-known and loved SEO tools that enhance your SEO at an affordable price point.

Mangools vs Ubersuggest, which will win out? Join me as I compare Mangools and Ubersuggest and see which provides the most bang for your marketing buck.

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Using Ubersuggest for SEO 

Ubersuggest homepage

Ubersuggest shows that affordable SEO tools can pack a strong punch. As well as using it for finding keywords, you can identify backlink opportunities and spy on your competitors too!

I designed Ubersuggest to be as easy to use as possible. This is so that even the smallest businesses with a limited knowledge of SEO can get all the information they need to thrive on Google.

If you want to know more about Ubersuggest and how to use it to enhance your website SEO, check out my complete Ubersuggest guide

For now, I’ll just review some key features and pricing.

Ubersuggest Features 

Both Ubersuggest and Mangools offer very similar features. For example in both, you can:

  • See backlinks on both your and your competitors’ sites.
  • See the top-ranking sites in Google for a specific keyword.
  • Find related keyword ideas.

However, Ubersuggest has features that Mangools doesn’t, and vice versa. Let’s look at some of them.

If you want to improve your technical SEO, Ubersuggest’s site audit report is a great place to start. Enter your website URL, and Ubersuggest will provide a list of errors, how to fix them, and the impact the changes will have on your SEO.

Site audit report in Ubersuggest for

One of the unique features Ubersuggest offers is content ideas.

Enter a keyword, and Ubersuggest will uncover the most popular content on Google to inspire you. Plus, you can see social media shares and backlinks to determine how successful your idea could be.

Content ideas report in Ubersuggest for the keyword "Free SEO tools"

The keyword visualization tool makes it easy to see the connections between related keywords, for example, if you want to do keyword mapping or create an FAQ page.

Keyword visualization in Ubersuggest for the keyword "Free SEO tools"

Chrome extensions for SEO are big news right now, and you can take advantage of the free Ubersuggest Chrome SEO plugin. This handy extension adds extra information to the Google search results, including related keywords, estimated traffic, and social shares.

Ubersuggest Chrome SEO plugin results for the NP Digital Instagram page 

Ubersuggest Pricing 

When I designed Ubersuggest, I wanted it to be one of the most affordable SEO tools on the market. All businesses, no matter their size or marketing budget, should be able to access tools that help them make effective SEO decisions.

Ubersuggest pricing tiers, with Individual starting at $29 a month, Business $49 a month, and Enterprise $99 a month.

Ubersuggest has three pricing tiers:

  • Individual – $29 a month. Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Business – $49 a month. Great for small digital marketing agencies and businesses with multiple websites.
  • Enterprise – $99 a month. Perfect for larger agencies and businesses.

You can also customize your plan with add-ons like additional competitor domains and extra daily searches. This means you can create a plan that’s perfect for your business.

One unique way Ubersuggest stands out from other SEO tools on the market is the lifetime plan.

None of Ubersuggest’s competitors offer this.

With the lifetime plan, you pay a one-time fee of $290 and can access Ubersuggest for life. No monthly subscription, and you always have the latest version of the tool. This is an amazing deal if you’re a small business with a limited budget!

You get a 7-day free trial to make sure you’ve chosen the right plan for your needs, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy the lifetime plan.

If you’re not impressed, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked—although I’m confident you’ll love Ubersuggest so much you won’t need it!

Is There a Free Version of Ubersuggest?

Yes! Many “free” versions of SEO tools don’t give you a lot—they’re only there to encourage you to subscribe to the paid-for version.

With Ubersuggest, the aim was always to provide a free version with all the functionality marketers need to optimize their websites.

With the free version of Ubersuggest you get:

  • Three months of historical data.
  • Keyword suggestions and corresponding data (monthly search volumes, competition level, cost-per-click).
  • Competitor domain analysis and corresponding data (frequently used keywords, traffic sources, backlinks).
  • Personalized SEO recommendations.
  • Access to the Ubersuggest Chrome SEO plugin.

It takes just two minutes to sign up for an account. You can use your Google account to sign up even faster, and you don’t need to enter your credit card information.

Ubersuggest Customer Thoughts 

“Ubersuggest was introduced by a colleague to help in improving the SEO of our company’s website. As our department had limited budget for tools, she recommended Ubersuggest. Upon using it, I realized that the user interface is intuitive, and allowed me to navigate and learn the functions with ease. Following the recommendations to improve our SEO rating on Ubersuggest resulted in significant improvements in traffic (nearly double) within a span of 2 weeks.”

Five-star Ubersuggest Trustpilot review from Daniel

I love getting feedback about Ubersuggest from customers, whether positive or negative. This provides lots of fantastic insight to develop the platform further and add cool new features that transform the way people optimize for search engine results.

For example, I recently added the keywords generator based on what customers wanted to see.

Our customers love the value for money Ubersuggest provides, the practical suggestions it offers to improve SEO, and how speedy customer service is.

Using Mangools for SEO 

Mangools homepage

Founded in 2014, Mangools is the fresh and fruity SEO tool of choice for digital marketers worldwide. The platform prides itself on being an affordable alternative to more expensive SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Semrush.

The great thing about Mangools is the scalability it offers. Small digital marketing companies can take advantage of its keyword research and SERP analysis tools, as can enterprise brands.  Companies like Airbnb, The Home Depot, and Skyscanner all use it to optimize their web pages.

Mangools Features 

We’ve looked at the SERP simulator tool, but what other cool features do you get with Mangools? Here are some of my favorite things you can do with Mangools.

The Mangools Google SERP Simulator is a free tool you can use to check your meta descriptions and page titles. I’d say that this is the tool that Mangools is most well-known for, and is something I like to use to make sure my blog meta descriptions and page titles aren’t too long!

Google SERP Simulator in Mangools

Did you know you can do local keyword research in Mangools? Just specify your keyword and the exact area you want to focus on, and Mangools will recommend the best words and phrases to target. It’s a nifty feature if you want to improve your local SEO!

Local keyword research tool in Mangools

Both Ubersuggest and Mangools offer site analysis, but the platforms monitor different aspects of SEO. Mangools SiteProfiler focuses on metrics like domain authority, top competitors, and information about backlinks, like whether they’re dofollow or nofollow

Competitor information in Mangools SiteProfiler

Another great feature of Mangools is the SERPWatcher keyword tracker.

SERPWatcher setup screen

Enter the website and keywords you want to monitor, and Mangools will keep you up to date with where you rank in Google. You also get weekly and monthly emails, as well as alerts when your position changes.

SERPWatcher dashboard

Like Ubersuggest, Mangools comes with its own SEO extension tool. While Ubersuggest focuses on keyword opportunities in Google, you can use Mangools to get metrics for a particular website at a glance, including:

  • Domain and page authority
  • Social media account links and shares
  • Keywords a website ranks for
  • Backlinks
  • On-page optimization, including page speed and structured data
Mangools Chrome extension showing results for 

Mangools Pricing 

Mangools is one of the more cost-effective SEO tools out there, making it a good option for marketers on a tight budget.

Mangools pricing plan, ranging from $29 to $129 a month

Mangools offers four pricing tiers:

  • Mangools Entry – $29 a month. Ideal for one-person businesses or people that want to try all the different features of Mangools.
  • Mangools Basic – $49 a month. Great for small businesses and digital marketing freelancers.
  • Mangools Premium – $69 a month. Perfect for larger businesses that have more than one person looking after their digital marketing.
  • Mangools Agency – $129 a month. Fantastic for digital marketing agencies.

While Mangools doesn’t offer a lifetime plan like Ubersuggest, you can get up to 35 percent off if you pay annually. So this reduces the cost of the Agency plan from $129 a month to $89.90—well worth considering!

There’s also a 48-hour money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

It’s always important to closely compare pricing plans, to see what you get for your money. For example, the Mangools Entry plan and the Ubersuggest Individual plan are the same cost. However, you get 25 keyword searches daily with Mangools and 150 with Ubersuggest.

Is There a Free Version of Mangools?

Yes! Earlier I mentioned that some free SEO plans aren’t great, but Mangools’ free version is pretty good!

When you first sign up, you enrol onto the FREE+ plan, which is essentially a free trial. This gives you increased limits so you can see if the paid-for version of Mangools is right for you. After that, you move onto the FREE plan.

On the FREE plan you get:

  • 5 keyword lookups
  • 15 related keyword suggestions
  • 5 competitor keywords
  • 5 SERP lookups
  • 5 tracked keywords

To take advantage of the FREE plan you need to sign up for an account. It’s free to do, and you don’t need to enter your credit card details.

Mangools free account activation email

There are also free tools you can use without bothering with a trial or plan. The SERP Simulator is free to use for everyone. You don’t have to log in, and you can use it as much as you like.

You also get free access to the Chrome extension, although I recommend you link it to a free account to get the most out of it.

SERP Volatility is free too—this cool tool emails you when there are significant changes to the Google search engine results. If there is a shift caused by the Google algorithm, it’s a good time to check your keyword results to make sure you’re not negatively affected.

Mangools SERP Volatility tool

Mangools Customer Thoughts 

“A great SEO tool with fantastic customer service. Mangools is easy to use and provides valuable insights, and the customer service is second to none—quick, helpful responses from humans!”

Five-star Mangools Trustpilot review from Lucy

Like Ubersuggest, Mangools gets a lot of positive feedback from customers. In particular, they love how user-friendly the platform is, the value for money it provides, and the exceptional customer service.

Mangools vs Ubersuggest: What’s the Better SEO Tool? 

Mangools vs Ubersuggest, which is better?

It’s a tough one to answer as they’re both so good.

It ultimately depends on what you want to achieve with your SEO. If you want to focus on the content marketing and article creation side of things, Ubersuggest’s content ideas and topic research section is perfect for generating blog ideas.

If you want to track keywords and see what your competitors are doing in the SERPs, Mangools is a very powerful tool. Plus the Chrome extension is fantastic for checking website metrics on the go.

However, I’d have to say that Ubersuggest does edge Mangools out slightly with the lifetime plan option. This makes it a brilliant, cost-effective option for smaller businesses.

Still not sure which one to try? Here’s a comparison of features.

Mangools vs Ubersuggest: Features Comparison

PricingFrom $29 a monthFrom $29 a month
Lifetime plan availableYesNo
Free version availableYesYes
Number of keywords you can monitorFrom 150From 25
Number of usersFrom 1+From 1+
Search engines and platforms it gets data fromGoogleGoogle, Majestic, Moz
Competitor analysisYesYes
Content ideas and topic researchYesNo
Backlink analysisYesYes
Keyword researchYesYes
Keyword visualizationsYesNo
Website auditYesYes
Local SEONoYes
Automated reportingNoYes

Can You Use Mangools and Ubersuggest Together? 

Yes! It doesn’t have to be a case of Mangools vs Ubersuggest. As both platforms are affordable and provide so much data between them, you can use both together to provide a complete SEO strategy for your business.

Let’s say you want to create new content on your website to boost your local SEO rankings. You can use the local keyword research tool in Mangools to find high-search, low-competition keywords to target.

You can then feed these keywords into Ubersuggest’s content ideas tool to get awesome article ideas. As a bonus, why not use the Ubersuggest-adjacent AI Writer to create SEO-optimized blog posts?

Ubersuggest content ideas tool for the keyword "digital marketing in Las Vegas"


With one in five marketers reducing their SEO budget, a cost-effective SEO platform is more important than ever.

The right tool can help you find the right keywords to target, optimize your pages for readability, and get an advantage over your competitors.

While I love Ubersuggest and the sheer range of functionality it provides, Mangools is a fantastic all-rounder too. Whichever tool you choose, you’re one step closer to winning at SEO!

Mangools vs Ubersuggest, which is your favorite SEO tool? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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