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6 Facebook Lead Generation Tips to Generate More Business

Six Facebook Lead Generation Tips to Generate More Business

Let’s face it: Every marketer on the planet wants more leads.

We go to great extents to generate and capture those leads.

In a market that is only getting more competitive, Facebook has more features and tools to help you drive qualified leads than you might realize.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything from guest blogging to customer referrals, it might be time to take a second look at Facebook.

With roughly 2.89 billion active users, Facebook offers marketers a unique space to generate leads and reach new audience members.

If you are interested in learning how to take advantage of this super-sized audience, read on to learn some of our top Facebook lead generation tips.

Why Facebook Lead Generation Matters

We’ve already talked about the sheer volume of active Facebook users—and with numbers that high, there’s inevitably a niche for every business, no matter how unique.

What’s more, people actually engage with brands on Facebook, with 39 percent or more users following business pages to get offers.

Marketers are aware of these figures—in fact, 92 percent of social marketers report using Facebook for advertising.

If all of this isn’t enough to convince you to advertise on Facebook, Facebook lead generation is notoriously cheap compared to alternatives like Google ads, especially when it comes to consumer services and technology.

facebook-lead-generation1 - ad costs

Now that we’ve broken down why Facebook lead generation can make a difference for marketers, it’s time to unpack how to do it successfully.

Here are six tips to take your Facebook lead generation efforts to the next level.

1. Create Facebook Lead Ads

Whether you’re a user or a seasoned marketer, we’ve all seen Facebook paid ads at some point or another.

You might not know there is a subset of Facebook ads specifically dedicated to generating leads.

Meet lead ads, an opt-in ad designed with ease in mind. Users simply tap on their screens to complete a form, rather than typing the same information again and again.

Here are the top three benefits of these lead ads:

Easy-To-Build and Even Easier-To-Use

Not only are these ads easy for marketers to create, they’re incredibly simple for users to use.

Rather than having to enter their contact information over and over again from their smartphone, users can simply make selections that easily capture their information. This will considerably reduce the likelihood of them bouncing from your form.


With Facebook’s massive audience, targeting is extremely important. Luckily, with these ad types you can target very niche groups, allowing you to easily reach your intended audience.

CRM Integration

You can also link your CRM to your Facebook Lead Ads campaign. This way, you can respond immediately to leads and keep track of progress without having to juggle multiple systems.

facebook-lead-generation2 - lead ads

2. Create Facebook Call-To-Action Ads

Call-to-action ads allow you to promote your page’s call to action button. Whether your goal is to get users to Shop Now, Enroll Today, or Request a Demo, a call-to-action ad can help drive that particular action.

These ads help gather qualified leads by driving individuals to take your intended action. Facebook has categories you can browse to find the right ad format for your intended business goal.

3. Add a CTA Button to Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook knows the power of a good call-to-action (CTA), which is why you can now add CTAs to your Facebook business page.

Adding a CTA to your page shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Be sure to align that button with the current needs of your marketing campaign. As your needs and goals change, so should your CTA to reflect those fluctuations and measure the right things.

facebook-lead-generation3 - CTA

4. Use a Facebook Messenger Bot

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the trendiest buzzwords in marketing. From healthcare to software, AI is impacting the way we interact with the world.

This is also true when it comes to the rise of chatbots. These AI-powered bots have the ability to considerably reduce time spent on tedious tasks, like responding to queries from customers.

Not only do these bots save you time, they also save you money by reducing the amount of customer service requests.

Those aren’t the only benefits.

They can also help with lead generation. Here’s how.

Increase Customer Awareness

Greet newcomers to your page with an engaging message that conveys who you are and what your mission, vision, and values mean.

By using this tool to share more about your company and your values, you increase customer awareness and build a conversational relationship that can ultimately increase your leads.

Drive Traffic to Your Product Page

After having an initial conversation with your would-be customers, you can start driving them to your product pages to shop for specific items or collections. As you craft your message for this direction, be sure to sound genuinely helpful which will further align potential clients with your brand. You don’t want to sound too salesy.

facebook-lead-generation4 - messenger bot

Improve Customer Service

Providing high-end customer service not only helps you build a strong reputation, it also increases the likelihood of getting more leads and converting them. With a chatbot, you can ensure that every question is answered, every time. As you build out your pre-selected chatbot queries and responses, be sure to look at what your users frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) are to inform your chatbot’s conversational approach.

Qualify Leads

You don’t just want more leads, you want better leads.

Use the chatbot to ask questions to qualify leads. For example, ask what products they are looking for, what industry they are in, or what type of services they need. Then, use this data to send leads targeted email campaigns, connect them with the right sales team, or just send some more informative content for them to digest.

5. Make Your Facebook Page More Interactive

In addition to a chatbot, look for other ways to incorporate interactive elements in your page.

Interact with visitors in your direct messages, as well as in the comment sections of posts. By building rapport that mirrors the essence of your brand, you build trust with your visitors and establish goodwill.

Looking for more strategies to increase interaction on your Facebook page?

Try these five strategies:

  • go live
  • host giveaways
  • create content specifically for Facebook
  • ask for opinions through polls
  • incorporate video content

By making your page more interactive, visitors are more likely to—you guessed it—interact. This ongoing conversation can help yield qualified leads from engaged visitors.

6. Promote Lead Magnets on Your Facebook Page

Lead magnets are one of the most effective ways to generate leads. In addition to posting them on your website, consider posting them on your Facebook page. For example, if you are hosting a webinar, make sure your Facebook followers know about it. If you did some case studies that might benefit your readers, talk about it.

This step only takes a few seconds, but can support your lead generation funnels.

Just make sure to use UTMs to track which leads come from Facebook so you can see if your efforts are paying off.

Can Facebook generate high-quality leads?

Yes! With a massive amount of daily users, Facebook lead generation can connect you with an audience you didn’t even know existed. You can use the built-in lead gen ads or use other strategies, like adding a CTA button or using Facebook messenger to generate more leads.

What are Facebook lead ads?

Facebook lead ads are ads native to the program that allow users to interact with a simple form-fill that captures their contact information. While these ads can take various forms, they typically look like a classic in-feed ad that then drives users to a form.

Can I generate leads on Facebook for free?

Yes. While paid ads are an effective way to generate leads, you can also use the CTA button on your Facebook Business page, post interesting content, and use Facebook messenger to drive traffic to your website.

Should I consider adding a messenger bot to my Facebook page?

Yes, especially with the continued rise of AI. They can help you reduce the amount of time spent on tedious tasks while also speeding up your ability to communicate with potential customers.

Conclusion: Facebook Lead Generation

While generating leads is pretty simple, generating leads that actually convert can be much more complicated. While plenty of marketers are leveraging social media platforms to gain qualified leads, Facebook is definitely one of the most successful for scoring qualified leads.

As you build out your marketing budget for next quarter, keep Facebook lead ads in mind. With their unique structure and reach, you’re sure to increase your leads.

What’s your most successful strategy for scoring qualified leads?

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