11 Steps to Building Your Content Marketing Machine

In organizations, processes are setup to produce consistent, repeated, and predictable results with minimal friction. These processes are refined overtime (if needed) in order to make the organization as a whole better and more efficient. It should be no different in the marketing department. How you set up these processes determines how effective your processes will become.

This focus on the process shouldn’t be any different in the marketing department. Agile marketing is a process that dictates how the marketing department runs. This process is carryover from agile development, which in part has the goal of delivering value to users at a much faster pace than traditional development. Both agile marketing and agile development share the key principle – delivering value to users quicker. Spending too much time with your heads down (known as ‘sprints’) without releasing anything may mean you’re late to market.

Today’s infographic is courtesy of OpenView Labs. They share with us the 11 steps you’ll need for successful content marketing. It’s a small, guiding part of the process that you’ll need to setup to get the most out of your efforts.

successful content marketing infographic

About the Author: Zach Bulygo (Twitter) likes marketing, finance, and learning about different businesses.