32 Free WordPress Themes For Effective Content Marketing

wordpress themes

You already know that WordPress is a popular CMS and that most content marketers love it for their business or personal blog. 

But there’s a question lingering:

How do you choose the right WordPress theme, when there are so many out there?

Trust me, it’s not as easy as you think. When I started blogging, one of the crazy activities that killed my productivity was checking out new personal blog themes. I just couldn’t place my mind and hand on the right one for me. But, I know better now.

The reality is you need to find one of the responsive WordPress themes for the success of your personal blog launch.

Did you know that your success as a content marketer goes beyond writing great content?

There are so many factors that will ensure that you’re always at the top of your game and getting the juice from any given search engine.

Your attitude to work, the way you market your content and, most importantly, the look of your blog all play a key role. It must have a responsive design, not just be pretty.

Investing in a professionally-looking theme is important, but what if you’re just a beginner and you’d prefer a free WordPress theme that still looks gorgeous?  Can you find one?

Sure you can. I decided that I needed to write this article because these days I get a lot of emails from my readers who would like to know where they can find the right WordPress themes that will aid in effective content marketing. A free WordPress theme is great, but don’t forgo a responsive design for your personal blog when many themes have a very cost-effective, one-time fee.

Trust me, I’ve got you covered. Without much ado, here is a list of 32 professional free WordPress themes that you can download:

1. Sparkling [PreviewDownload]


It’s time to sparkle your personal blog. If you’re looking for a flat, clean and professional-looking theme, Sparkling may just be the right one. It was developed using Bootstrap 3.

This modern theme has a frontend framework feature that optimizes it to display well on smartphones, desktops, tablets and other devices. This WordPress theme is unique from the millions out there, because of its pixel-perfect design, full-screen slider and widgets that you’ll fall in love with.

‘Sparkling’ is built to have a premium layout and every content marketer who prides content above everything else will benefit from it. If you’re looking for one of the SEO-friendly responsive WordPress themes, you’re in luck.

It’s Schema compatible. Google will have no other choice than to follow your blog. Most of the free and paid plugins out there are supported, such as SEO by Yoast, W3 Total Cache, Quick AdSense, Akismet, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and more.

For effective content marketing, you need a WordPress theme that hands control over to you so that you can add, modify or delete any plugin, section or even modify the layout as you see fit.

Whether you’re interested in using the Sparkling WordPress theme for your personal use or corporate business, you’ve won the jackpot. It’s a theme that cuts across different industries such as education, business, web design, marketing, and health & fitness, plus many more.

2. Dazzling [PreviewDownload]


Dazzling is an unrivaled responsive theme. It’s developed using Bootstrap 3 and comes with an optional full-screen slider. This is useful when you’re building your first corporate or portfolio site.

This flat theme has mint green accent colors and will inspire you to embrace the best side of content marketing. I’m fond of this theme because it’s clean, unbeatable and will enhance your personal brand. What more could you want?

Startup entrepreneurs, CEOs and public speakers will benefit from the full-screen slider because they’ll use it to showcase their keynote speeches or other key presentations.

Dazzling WordPress theme includes added optimization for a lot of the essential plugins and custom widget designs out there, such as All-in-one-SEO Pack, JetPack, Contact Form 7, and more.

3. Red Captik 


This is a professional theme that comes free of charge. Red Captik contains modern functionalities that will enable you to structure your homepage sections and make your above-the-fold visible.

You can use Red Captik for virtually any subject because there are no limitations whatsoever. I know a game enthusiast who currently uses this personal blog theme and a gossip blogger who also makes use of it.

If you’ve got useful videos on YouTube, you could also use this theme to send visitors to your channel and engage them.

4. Travelify [PreviewDownload]


Travelify is another free WordPress theme. It has some premium functionalities that give you the ability to change the theme layout (full, no sidebar, or wide, for example).

This responsive WordPress theme is mobile responsive, modern and you can use it for virtually any subject or business objective. For example, if you’re a content marketer, Travelify puts value on your content and highlights your best work for your readers to enjoy.

It’s a pixel perfect design, with a featured slider which you can turn off with a single click. The flexibility that the theme offers enables you to alter its layout until it suits your objective. You can also use a background image to customize the theme to your brand.

5. Ascent [PreviewDownload]


Ascent WordPress theme is designed with responsiveness in mind. This means that it’ll appear well on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop of all sizes. The innovative technology used is based on CSS3 and HTML5.

What I like about Ascent is the richness of the slider that appears above the header. It’s more than just a personal blog; its a visual blogger’s dream.

In other words, your pictures get an added optimization that would make them stand out from the rest. If you’re a photographer, an information marketer or a content marketer, you can use Ascent to improve user experience.

This theme has been downloaded over 30,000 times, making it one of the most popular responsive WordPress themes of both professional and free.

A right and left sidebar give you added flexibility, and this theme is translation-ready. This is essential if you’ll be serving a wider audience in different languages.

6. Auberge [PreviewDownload]


Do you struggle to create the right content for your customers? You’re not alone. If you want to attract and nurture an audience with your personal blog, then you need a variety of content. 

But, let’s assume that you’ve created a variety of content, how do you showcase all of them in the right manner? You need the right WordPress theme and Auberge may just be the right one.

This impressive WordPress theme is free, professionally-designed and it’s currently used by over 30,000 blogs. The overwhelming quality and usefulness of Auberge make it a one-stop theme for those who want to expand their content marketing reach.

Auberge is built around a mobile-first design concept, which makes it 100% mobile responsive. One vital reason why you probably should consider this theme is because the content can be easily showcased on retina displays that have high resolutions.

A challenge that most site owners have when they’re trying to showcase their best content, is resizing and compatibility issues, which severely drops the value of the content.

The theme would suit every niche, but it’ll probably best serve restaurants and cafe pages. When constructing your pages, you can use the Beaver page builder plugin. You can download and use the lite version at no cost.

7. Onetone [PreviewDownload]


Onetone is a streamlined WordPress theme that’s based on CSS3 and HTML5. It helps you simplify your layout because a single page can be used to manage different information, in a professional manner.

As a stylish, modern, flat and flexible theme, Onetone gives you the opportunity to alter and personalize your experience and every other element while giving customers a great experience.

Onetone is great for business purposes. You can individualize sections (such as gallery, about and services) from the admin panel. Depending on your business objective and brand-building objectives, you can upload a favicon and logo to make branding much easier.

Finally, Onetone WordPress theme is SEO-friendly. This makes it possible for search engine users to find your content and web pages. If you like, you can add Parallax scrolling, custom backgrounds, fonts, and icons.

8. Awaken [PreviewDownload]


Awaken WordPress theme is free and has a 4 out of 5-star rating. If you’re fond of a minimalist design, this theme is for you. It’s extra white spaces push your content to the forefront and eliminate distractions.

Awaken is a magazine theme that includes two widget areas. The posts are also showcased, using three distinct widgets.

The layout of this theme is constructed using Bootstrap framework, with mobile responsiveness in mind. In particular, mobile users will benefit from your blog, if you use this theme.

another essential feature of Awaken is the nifty slider. The theme options panel gives you added flexibility, which enables you to change the theme color, font attributes and links.

9. Constructzine Lite [PreviewDownload]


Constructzine Lite is a stylish, flexible and modern WordPress theme that will serve your content marketing needs because it has clean and validated code.

This means that no matter how minimal your technical skills, you can edit and structure your theme to display your content well.

With basic HTML/PHP knowledge, you can structure your content display area. If you’re not a skilled developer, you don’t have to worry, because the theme options panel enables you to update your settings, including your logo, colors, social links and more.

One other feature of Constructzine Lite WordPress theme is that it gives you the rare privilege of customizing different sections on your homepage, such as services, about and products. This theme is great for corporate websites and entrepreneurs who want to be positioned as experts in their chosen industries rather than a personal blog with more of an informal nature.

As one of the mobile responsive WordPress themes is compatible with the popular browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). It’s SEO-friendly, mobile responsive and multi-purposeful.

10. The SSMAG [Download]


SSMAG is a mobile responsive, plug and play free WordPress theme that has a grid-based layout. Content creators will find this theme useful, because of its feature that positions your content to go viral– well-designed social share buttons.

The design layout is optimized to engage readers and to cause them to explore your site further. SSMAG was created in 2015. It has custom widgets, to display text and HTML elements.

Apart from being browser compatible, SSMAG theme supports embedded video, which will play a vital role in explaining what your blog is all about, instead of using your featured image on a post page.

11. BookRev Lite [PreviewDownload]


In its true sense, bloggers are actually telling a story, because their posts have to flow from one section to the other. In the same vein, writing product reviews is a skill that requires storytelling.

BookRev Lite WordPress theme is well-crafted, with the end-user in mind. It’s unique and designed for book reviews. When you use this theme, you can review any book, display it in the right hierarchy and give users the opportunity to leave feedback about their favorite books.

As a book reviewer, you can monetize your blog content through Amazon affiliate links and also promote books from other online book stores. BookRev Lite theme has powerful theme options that enable you to tweak and set the theme’s functionality to your taste, without touching the code.

Remember that when it comes to call-to-action or opt-in boxes, the placement plays a key role in either improving your click-through-rate, boosting your conversion rate or decreasing bounce. In the same vein, how you position your books and product reviews will determine how much engagement you’ll create with your users.

12. Esteem [PreviewDownload]


Most beginners to blogging are looking for a WordPress theme that will showcase their portfolio or samples so that potential clients can find them easily. If that’s what you’re after, Esteem will be the right personal blog theme for you.

Esteem is a simple theme that offers unlimited theme color options so that you can change the feel and look of your site to stand out from the competition. Esteem theme comes with 2 custom themes.

One of the themes is custom-built to display your products, portfolio or services. You can upload and set your custom logo and site title from the theme options panel.

If you want to gain traction, nurture a loyal audience and establish your brand online, you should leverage the Esteem theme customizable header image.

13. Accelerate [PreviewDownload]


Who says that you can’t find a modern WordPress theme with a premium look for your site? Well, Accelerate is right here to fill that spot. Accelerate is a super flexible theme that’s suitable for portfolio, personal, travel, corporate or business services sites.

If you’re an artist, like a photographer or illustrator, you can use the fullscreen slider to showcase your best work.

Accelerate theme sends a strong, clear message to your target audience, through its flat and straight-forward design that blends perfectly with your content (video, blog posts, audio, etc).

Accelerate is fully responsive and displays well in any type of mobile device. Moreover, the theme is retina-ready, to enhance your audience viewing experience and lower bounce rate.

14. Ample [PreviewDownload]


It’s time to personalize your blog with this eye-catching and professional theme. Ample is a free minimalist and multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with feature-rich options for customizing your layout and setting the right metrics for your site. Mobile device responsiveness helps your search engine results.

Building your personal brand is an essential part of running a successful online business. So, it’s necessary to customize your site, by adding a professional logo and relevant header text that will appeal to your target audience.

Ample multipurpose WordPress theme is suitable for business or personal blog use and will play well in any industry, but it’s particularly useful for authors, freelance writers and book review writers.

15. WP-Premium [PreviewDownload]


If you’re familiar with Copyblogger, you’ll agree with me that their first theme looked similar to this theme. I also know a few bloggers who started out with this theme, but later changed when their business grew.

Why am I saying this?

Well, it’s to let you know that WP Premium free WordPress theme provides a rich experience for the end-user, as well as premium functionality and a trendy look.

If you’re looking to start a serious blog, you should consider using WP Premium. It’s 100% responsive, which means that your texts and images will display smoothly on any device.

This theme is powered by Foundation – a front end framework that’s flexible, user-friendly and professional.

WP Premium takes a content-first approach. The homepage widget areas let’s you manage your sidebar, header, navigation menu and footer. Other functionalities are a wide selection of widgets, such as the author widget that displays relevant information about the author or blog owner.

You also have the advertisement widget, for monetizing your blog content with AdSense, ClickBank, CJ and any third-party affiliate network that supports HTML code and CSS.

16. Quickstart [PreviewDownload]


This is a free and professional theme from Gabfirethemes.com. What differentiates this theme from others is the fact that you can structure your personal blog layout as you want it to be.

Your category page doesn’t have to be a bland list of articles, you can now put the right content there and reengage your audience. From the themes control panel, you can select alternative header templates quickly. No coding experience is required to effect this change in a highly responsive design.

Localization support is also enabled, because Quickstart was designed to appeal to international and local site owners. It supports multiple languages and it’s compatible with WPML’s multilingual plugin.

There is also another feature that makes this theme unique. The Gabfire module.  This is an extended functionality that enables users to embed videos and default post images, so that the difficulty associated with embedding YouTube videos, for example, is eliminated.

Quickstart free WordPress theme is equipped with a single post image slider, category templates, page templates, and an advanced control panel. It’s search engine optimized and mobile one of the mobile responsive WordPress themes we like.

17. Transhik


Transhik has some amazing functionalities that you’ll love. This is a professional-looking theme that would have sold for $39 or more, but you can download and use it as a free WordPress design.

It has a clever ‘above-the-fold’ slider that displays your best and latest works. If you’re an author, you can use this to showcase your book. If you’re an artist, such as a photographer, illustrator or web designer, this sleek slider will be very helpful for you.

Transhik free WordPress theme displays your content using the default font face that’s clear and professional. If you’re an intermediate blogger or online entrepreneur and need a sophisticated theme that has all the modern functionalities intact, Transhik may just be the right one for you.

18. Onesie [PreviewDownload]


As the name implies, Onesie is a flat and free WordPress theme. It’s a one page, responsive theme and can be used for business or personal blog purposes.

It adapts to different screen sizes, making it possible for your texts and images to display perfectly on iPads, iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices, including smart watches.

Onesie is easy to customize. You can change the background image to whatever you want. The header images can be customized to your taste.  Or, you can create custom navigation menus, choose the right font and alter the layout design for optimal user experience.

Onesie is browser compatible, which means that it displays perfectly on popular search engine platforms that your target audience will most likely be using, such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and more. It also contains standard theme features, such as the theme options, automatic updates, and translation-reader functionality.

19. Path


You can use Path, a free and stylish WordPress theme if you’re working on a multi-author or magazine-related site.

One powerful functionality of Path is that you can use the built-in WordPress custom header to manage the feel of your site, control the logo and other branding aspects of your site, as long as it’s in agreement with WordPress and Hybrid Core.

Several plugins, such as Gravity Forms, Social Path, SEO by Yoast and more are fully supported. No matter your industry, as long as you’re passionate about building a community, creating viral content and generating leads for your business, you can use the Path theme.

20. Questan


Blogging is first and foremost a mindset. If your theme looks professional, it’s going to give you a mindset that makes you think as if you’re on top of the world. You might be a personal blog beginner, but it wouldn’t make any difference – because you’re already on the right foot.

Questan is one of the most powerful and premium responsive WordPress themes that you can download for free. It’s designed by ZJTThemes.com.

This is one of those themes that could have been sold for $39 or more, but the company decided to give it away. While it’s still free, you can download it for your next blog.

It’s mobile responsive, seo-friendly and contains theme option panels for customizing your blog layout so that your content gets the attention.

21. Calenotis Magazine [Preview]


Calenotis Magazine WordPress theme comes free of charge. It’s ideal for any type of project.

If you’ve just launched your book (whether ebook or hardcopy), or you want to create in-depth content that will generate organic traffic for you, this magazine theme will do the job right, from the very beginning.

Calenotis is a popular theme used in the health and fitness industry. The majority of the internet marketers out there aren’t aware of this theme. If they were, why would they not be using it?

The good news is that you’ve got the chance to use it while it’s free. The fullscreen slider will house your best works, latest pictures, upcoming programs and more. This theme was designed using the minimalist principle “omit needless things!”

The default font size for the body text may not be perfectly legible, but, with HTML and CSS experience, you can always change the size of your text to suit your users giving you search engine juice.

22. Magi Portfolio


Magi Portfolio WordPress theme looks very much like the Transhik theme. Magi is free, responsive and has a stylish frontpage slider where you can showcase your best work. This theme also supports modern web tools and plugins.

Site speed is one of the Google ranking factors that you’ve got to always consider. This theme is super fast. Your users will thank you for it.

The single post area is professionally designed and the font style and size are carefully set to make maximum impact. This is a true, modern free WordPress theme that’s used by tens of thousands of site owners and it fits well into the modern business world.

23. Typepress [Download]


Typepress is a free and colorful WordPress theme. People are driven by colors. In fact, in the psychology of colors, certain colors have proven to improve click rate on call-to-action as well as increase sales.

If you’re looking for a free theme that will be colorful, agile and has all the powerful functionalities to build your business, Typepress could be your answer. It was developed by Arm Studio and released for free to the world.

Browser compatibility is one feature that makes this theme a resourceful one. No matter what browser that you or your visitors are using, they’ll not have issues reading your content, watching videos or downloading your report. Even on mobile devices, mobile users will enjoy navigating your site, because of it’s mobile-friendliness feature.

24. iPad Fieden


Make no mistakes about it, iPad Fieden WordPress theme isn’t limited to iPad or mobile phone sites. It’d also be great if you run a tech-related blog. Take authority sites such as TechCrunch, for example.  They’re built from the ground up to appeal to tech and startup users.

In the same vein, iPad Fieden was designed to help your users navigate your site as they scour and read through the pages of your useful content. Of course, no matter how great a theme looks, if your content is not helpful, users will not respond as they’re supposed to.

So, if you decide to use this free WordPress theme to build your business, you’ve got to be determined to continually publish high-quality content. Because, when you do, the powerful functionalities of iPad Fieden will bear fruit and position you as the go-to expert in your niche.

25. Business [PreviewDownload]


When you mean business (a site that will make you money), you’ve got to consider a theme that was designed for that. There are several ways to monetize and make money from a blog.

That said, do you know that the manner by which you place your affiliate links, promotional banners and other calls-to-action plays a vital role in your conversion rate?

Absolutely. It does!

Business WordPress theme may be free, but it comes with premium functionalities that make it easier to advertise on your blog like a pro. Apart from the monetization aspect, the single post is given top priority, as well.

You can customize your logo, header image, background color or other images. Its responsive design with the drag-and-drop slideshow interface gives you an added experience, and your site visitors will fall in love with it.

26. Eliaten


Eliaten is 100% free to use. It’s a magazine theme and has features that enable you to optimize your homepage and add important sections such as about us, our portfolio, products, and careers.

The front page image slider is ideal for showcasing your latest completed projects, clients that you’ve worked with, testimonials or some of the works that you’re proud of. It’s a Javascript slider, easy to use, easy to configure and manage.

When it comes to branding, Eliaten is flexible. You can upload your logo in the header section and it’ll be seen clearly because the space provided is large.

The navigation menu items can be tweaked to your taste, and you’ve got total control over the background color or background image. Eliaten free WordPress theme is mobile responsive, seo-optimized and suitable for a personal blog, but is just as much one of the responsive WordPress themes for business or corporate blogs.

27. Basic [PreviewDownload]


At some point in your blogging business, you’ll need to focus on getting the right content out, attracting a loyal audience and answering their questions. At such points, you may not need a fancy theme, except if you don’t have enough money to buy a premium theme. But, you can use this Basic theme.

You may think that there is nothing special about ‘Basic’ free WordPress theme, but that’s not true. Most successful marketing blogs are built on minimalist personal blog designs, with the primary focus on the content and user.

If you’re just starting out with WordPress, you need to start with a theme that you can learn from, not a sophisticated one that requires a high level of coding experience.

The layout of Basic free WordPress theme is super simple, giving you the freedom to customize the look and feel of your site. You can achieve this through the Themify options panel.

This theme was designed with features that will take you from where you are in your content marketing career to a new level. The lightbox gallery, RSS, footer menu, 5 theme skins, social icons, child theme support and more, will enhance your blogging experience and that of your users.

28. Design


As the name implies, Design is a free WordPress theme and I’ve seen it at work on several industry blogs. It’s well designed and has modern features to bring your content to life.

One of the challenges of content marketing is producing engaging content. Even if you succeed at creating the right type of content, how do you present it to your audience? What format will be best for you? Design is one of the responsive WordPress themes that can help here.

Sure, asking them is the easiest way to find out what they care about. But, they may not be honest or thorough with their responses.

What if you can cut through the chase, use the different widgets for the header, sidebar, footer, and single post to showcase different content types such as videos, Slide Presentations, blog posts, e-books and continue to evolve your site based on real metrics?

Then, you can track how many clicks each of these content types generates. You don’t need a magician to tell you what your users want, because numbers don’t lie.

29. Genfes


Genfes is the right WordPress theme to use for your niche blogs. For example, if you run a digital camera reviews blog, you can use this theme to display your best shots, edited works and more.

This theme takes a content-first approach. It places a thumbnail at the left side, while your blog post appears on the right.

The right sidebar is clean and optimized to boost clicks on your affiliate and sponsored banners. Of course, you know that the more clicks you receive, the more money you’ll make.

30. Live Wire [Preview]


I like Live Wire WordPress theme because of two things: it’s free and it’s clean. Any search engine will love its responsive design. It’s primarily designed with mobile in mind and includes an advanced options panel for structuring your layout. It supports Hybrid Tabs, post formats, Gravity Forms and much more.

Live Wire has features that make it possible for you to customize several elements, such as your navigation menus, layouts, CSS and even your background.

The theme also includes breadcrumbs, sticky posts, translation-ready capability, featured images and more.

31. Lola [PreviewDownload]


Lola free WordPress theme is specifically made for serious bloggers who want to improve their blogs. This theme was designed to conform with the latest version of WordPress, it’s streamlined and it’s also influenced by Tumblr.

Having a theme that looks similar to a web 2.0 site can enhance your blog. And, when that social media web 2.0 platform is Tumblr, you know that you’re heading somewhere with your business.

As a high-quality theme, Lola is sleek, but the developers kept it minimalist design style that always puts content first compared to some other highly responsive WordPress themes. It’s 99% mobile responsive, which means that any device can display this theme perfectly.

Other features that you’ll likely enjoy are the right sidebar, two columns and that Lola gives you the ability to structure your page layout and design it accordingly.

32. Fullby [PreviewDownload]


Fullby was inspired by Twenty Fourteen, one of the world’s most popular themes, with over 1 million downloads. At first glance, Fullby gives you that feeling of a professional site, because of its layout design.

The framework for this free WordPress theme is based on the latest Bootstrap framework. This is a grid style, lightweight and fully responsive (displays well on any mobile or desktop device) theme.

You’ll also like the lightweight theme, which includes two customizable images and the featured option for the posts can be structured exactly as you want it.

This is a good platform for your content and the galleries and video that are supported makes this theme a favorite for most celebrities. If you’re a blogger, you’re a celebrity, too.

This Fullby free WordPress theme is fully optimized for search engines and has functionalities for your single post page and custom sidebar.


There, you’ve got it, the 32 professional free WordPress themes that will make your content marketing effective. Remember that it doesn’t matter which industry your working in because as much as content is king, design is the prime minister.

Gone are the days when people only focus on the content of a book or site. Today, people actually judge a book by its cover. Most of the New York Bestselling Books out there are one of the best-packaged books. They didn’t win those awards because the author happens to be the best writer. Getting one of the most responsive WordPress themes is important, even when starting. And there are so many to choose from.

When you give ample time to choosing the best theme for your blog, especially at the beginning, you’re establishing your foot in your industry. Your brand becomes noticeable to your target audience, and, trust me, that is priceless.

If I decide to go on, this article will be endless. But, I know there are thousands, if not millions of free WordPress themes that you’ve used and found valuable. Tell us the name in the comment box and your reason for choosing it.