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Learn the 7 Hacks I Used to Rank Number 1 for Online Marketing

  • Increase CTRs

    Increase CTRs

    By making your title tag more appealing you will get a higher CTR than your competition. Consider using numbers, how to, and adjectives in your title tag.

  • Competitive intelligence

    Competitive intelligence

    Google the keyword you want to rank for. Create a page that has better content than your competition. Then make your content wowing by adding custom illustrations.

  • Link Building

    Link Building

    Follow the link building tips in the presentation above. They are under the “think like a monk” section.

  • Cross Link

    Cross Link

    Link to the pages you want to rank highly for within the sidebar of your site. This will spread authority to those pages.

  • Content is King

    Content is King

    Google looks at user metrics such as bounce rate. Minimize the design of your landing pages. Focus on the content and readability.

  • Keep it Fresh

    Keep it Fresh

    Update your content on a monthly basis. Up to date content tends to rank higher than old content.

  • Topical Depth

    Topical Depth

    Google will rank niche sites over authoritative sites if they are more topically relevant. Go as in-depth as you can without adding fluff to your site.

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