Enter the “SECRET PORTAL” and Access a Decade of Neil Patel’s Proven Digital Marketing Tactics and Frameworks.

The Advanced Marketing Program is the ONLY resource you’ll EVER need to turn your business into a thriving, automated, revenue-generating machine.

Hey friend,

It’s Neil Patel here…

Listen—I value your time and our relationship, so let me get right to it.

The fact that you’re reading this right now means you are interested in or curious to know more about the Advanced Marketing Program.

You have questions, and I have answers. Now whether or not I can help you achieve 100% of your goals, we don’t know yet.

So let’s handle that first…

Neil Patel

You’re currently facing one or more of these issues in your business:

  • You have a lack of expert INFORMATION you can fully trust
  • You or your team lack the knowledge to IMPLEMENT what you already know
  • You don’t know what action items to PRIORITIZE
  • You know the value of MARKETING but don’t know where to begin
  • You’ve reached a ceiling and need help SCALING your business

You have one or more of these goals but aren’t hitting them:

  • You want to shift from working IN your business to working ON it
  • You want more CUSTOMERS or leads
  • You want to increase the amount of REVENUE you’re earning from each customer
  • You want to AUTOMATE more of your business and earn passive income
  • You want more passive income because you desire FREEDOM

Do You Identify with Any of the Issues or Goals Above?

If so, you should keep reading. But let’s make sure we really clear this up.

Who This Program is For?

  • Business owners and marketers who want to INCREASE PROFITS by selling software (SaaS), information products, e-commerce products, or online services.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to implement a proven 22-STEP STRATEGY for taking their business to 7-figures (or more) quickly and sustainably.
  • Marketers who want to access the most CUTTING-EDGE strategies and tactics working today and into the future.
  • Driven individuals who believe knowledge is POWER and taking action gets results.

Who This Program is Not For?

  • Brick-and-mortar business owners like restaurateurs or local retail business owners. (I love you guys, but this model just won’t work well for you).
  • People who are looking for a new business opportunity and want to get rich as quickly as possible. (Hint: that mindset doesn’t work!).
  • Anyone who wants instant results just because they joined without taking real action and implementing what I teach you.

Let Me Show You the POWER of Marketing

At this point I just helped you either qualify or disqualify yourself from reading further.

So, can this program help you?

Rather than tell you myself, I’m going to illustrate that in a bit below by sharing feedback from our members and case studies.

But here’s what you need to understand about the businesses I’ve built: NONE of it would be possible without learning and implementing specific marketing tactics.

And here’s one of my secrets: I only implement these tactics ONE at a time.

Where most people fail is by getting overwhelmed and consuming TOO MUCH INFORMATION all at once. They lose focus and try everything they’ve ever heard of to break through and grow their business.

Listen…as a friend I want you to know something: that DOESN’T WORK!

Want to know what works?

Taking PROVEN tactics and learning them one at a time through multiple methods (video, audio, text, etc.)…EVEN IF it’s something you think you already know.

Because guess what? You should NEVER stop learning, and just because you learned it once doesn’t mean you can’t improve your understanding on the topic.

Once you fully understand something, your job is to TAKE ACTION and implement it immediately while it’s still warm in your mind.

This is what separates 99% of business owners from the rest. They actually DO the work and implement it all.

This is what works. I know this from my experience building FOUR different multi-million dollar businesses.

And you know me, I’m not trying to impress you…

I’m simply trying to impress upon you that I’ve already done this before and KNOW it works, because I’ve also helped countless clients do the exact same thing.

If marketing was a science (which I believe it is), understand that I have been testing these methods in the laboratory like a mad scientist for a DECADE.

I want to help you accomplish the same thing, and that’s why I’ve created a program that gives you access to my entire “secret portal” AKA my “marketing laboratory”.

BUT FIRST we need to talk about a couple “myths” that I also faced when I first started my journey as an entrepreneur.

Myth #1

It Worked For Them, But it Won’t Work For Me Because….[INSERT B.S.].

If that thought has ever crossed your mind, then you are hurting yourself with some pretty bad B.S. (Belief Systems).

You see…with that type of mindset you are SABOTAGING yourself and not even giving yourself a chance to succeed.

The reality is things take TIME…

When something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean it’s broken — it means you need to “pivot” or “iterate” and shift.

The strategies I teach WILL work for you, but only if you believe they will and are willing to pivot and shift when necessary.

I know one thing for sure, and that is that nothing beats EXPERIENCE.

Accessing someone else’s proven methods is a shortcut, because rather than failing on your own you can learn from their failures and experiences.

Myth #2

I need a lot of money to truly scale my business and implement marketing tactics.

When I first started to learn about digital marketing I was a teenager—just 16 years old.

I had already been burned once by a marketing agency, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I was what you’d call a “scrappy entrepreneur” and was simply bootstrapping my business.

No funding, no big budgets. Just me and a laptop.

I’ve learned a lot since then, and if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I can’t stand OVERPAYING for anything. I love a good deal and strategies that pay more value.

Please pay attention to this now…

Marketing is like INVESTING. Some activities require some cash upfront, and others are just about making small deposits over a long period of time.

The reality is that much of your marketing requires ZERO cash.

The point is to implement the activities that you CAN right now, build your business, and then re-invest your profits back into the business.

THEN, once you have additional cash, you can choose to spend more on marketing (like I do now).

For example, I now allocate a significant amount of my budget on YouTube advertising (and I’d put in more if they’d let me), but it wasn’t this way before.

FIRST I implemented the basics, which you’ll learn about in my Advanced Marketing Program.

Once I got traction I began to hire contractors, buy traffic, spend money on ads, and more.

How Do You Know For Sure My Strategies Work?

I co-founded these 4 multi-million dollar software companies:

I’ve helped these companies implement the exact strategies in my “secret portal”:

The Advanced Marketing Program

My 45-Module Course for Creating, Scaling, and Automating Your Business Using My Secret Marketing Tactics

  • 45 Modules of Training over 12 Months

  • Learning Through: Audio, Video, Written Exercises, Cheat Sheets and Manual Guides

  • Everything broken down into Easy Pieces

The Big Promise:

In just the first 90 days, you can be in the top 10% of all online businesses by implementing just one tactic: a bulletproof sales process and infrastructure.

The BEST part? You don’t need to be super smart or savvy to use my business roadmap.

In fact, people that just follow the steps without overanalyzing tend to do better. So DON’T OVERTHINK the process, just take small steps every day.

And even if you do already consider yourself smart or savvy with marketing, keep an open mind and follow the straightforward structure.

This IS the path to breaking through and getting results!

SO—what’s inside the Advanced Marketing Program?

Well, I can’t possibly fit everything on this page, but let me share a rough outline of what we’ll be covering.

Note: of course this is subject to change and constantly evolving. Also, there are some “high level” concepts that may not be listed here.


High-Level Concepts of Millionaire (and Billionaire) Entrepreneurs

  • The 7 Business Laws that work in any environment at any time, and will make everything else you learn 10,000 times more valuable and effective.

  • The 5 things that every future millionaire or billionaire entrepreneur has set up in their first year of business (If you haven’t done these you need to get them done ASAP or everything you do onwards will not work).

  • The amazing 5-Step Sales Process that guarantees you have an endless stream of leads, sales, and repeat purchases from a crowd of happy customers.

  • How to pry out of your customer’s head what he or she really wants to buy, even if they can’t or won’t tell you.

What is the 5-Step Sales Process?

The key to consistently growing a PROFIT on a daily basis is creating and implementing a sales funnel.

The 5-Step Sales Process is the SINGLE most-optimized system for making consistent revenue in your business—bar none.

  • Lead Magnet

    Lead Magnet

  • Tripwire


  • Core Offer

    Core Offer

  • Profit Maximizer

    Profit Maximizer

  • Conversion Sequence

    Conversion Sequence

This sequence is all you need to SPARK the creation of an automated cash machine.

Every sustainable profitable business is using this sequence. If they’re not, they’re only making around half as much as they COULD be making.

Every business that goes to 7 or 8-figures does it by either improving their Sales Process OR optimizing it, which causes their revenue and bottom-line profit to grow fast.

Everything You Need for an Incredibly Profitable Sales Funnel

  • 3 ways to Reverse-Engineer a 7-Figure Competitor to find out what they did from your very position to get where they are now.
  • My strategy for leapfrogging over years of trial-and-error by spotting the 5 Core Desires of your niche and making sure your product promises to fulfill all of them.
  • How to spot the three most dangerous and most lucrative competitors in your niche. They may NOT be who you think they are.
  • Secrets of getting dirt-cheap clicks to your opt-in page so you’re paying pennies (or less) per qualified lead.
  • Setting up a tantalizing “lead magnet” page where prospects can’t wait to get your first email and are constantly refreshing their email inbox to hear from you.
  • The superfast method for creating an easy-to-make and easy-to-sell “Trip Wire” product… which turns a curious prospect into a committed customer in minutes.
  • Why your Tripwire product and presentation needs to be created very differently from your core offer or you’ll actually make less money.
  • How to get affiliates to send free traffic to your trip wire offer, even if they’re reluctant to promote a low-priced product.
  • How to create a new product in record time… Weeks instead of months or even days, once you get the hang of it.
  • The 5-Question Checklist to decide whether the product you already have is good enough or if you need something new.
  • 7 ways to immensely raise the value of your offer so your price looks like a steal to anyone looking at it. (After you do this, you can either sell many more of your product or jack up the prices and make a ton more per sale)
  • When to make your offer scarce and temporary and when to make it evergreen. (If you’ve ever found internet “product launches” to be confusing, I’ll clear everything up for you here)

Elite Sales Copy & Persuasion Tactics For Sky-High Conversion Rates (Even Before You Optimize Your Page)

  • The 9 Elements of Highly Converting Sales Pages that almost everyone misses (sadly, you can go your entire career without knowing these and never have a “winning” offer).
  • The 2 “Conversion Killers” that can destroy any page’s conversion rate even if everything else is perfect.
  • The Near-Psychic tactic of having your salesletter or video read exactly what your prospect is thinking, as he’s thinking it, so he’s convinced you’re reading his mind and understand him perfectly.
  • My own personal system of conversion optimization where your conversion rates are guaranteed to progressively increase over time (This is how you go from a sales rate of 0.1% to 7% and beyond over time)
  • The exact beat-by-beat structure for any sales presentation, whether it’s a webinar, written sales page, or video.
  • When to use a sales video, written salesletter, or almost no text at all.
  • How to make your prospects instantly trust you even if they never heard of you until 2 minutes ago.
  • How to know if a webinar is right for your business or if you’re better off running the other way.
  • The 3 reasons most webinars bore their customers to tears… and how to guarantee your prospects are awake and ready to buy.
  • The most powerful closing strategy I’ve ever found making webinar viewers race to pull their wallets out.
  • What to do if your webinar attendees leave without buying. (It’s not over yet!)

Ferocious Follow Up Strategies that Double Your Earnings Per Lead

  • Exactly how to segment your lists in a way that totally maximizes profit.
  • How to make your prospects actually look forward to reading your daily or weekly emails.
  • How to set up a powerful email system that looks complicated from the outside, but is very easy to set up from your end.
  • Cut-and-paste email templates that have made my past clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Word-for-Word Proven Phone Scripts to close your customers on high-end programs and consulting packages. (Some of these work like magic, even when the sales person is brand new or notoriously bad at sales)
  • Autoresponder email sequences for every phase of your 5-Step Sales Process. Whether someone is a curious prospect, a new trip-wire customer, or an owner of several products, you’ll have a specific email sequence to guide him to providing you more revenue.
  • The magical way to have extremely profitable upsells or profit maximizers. There’s no reason your customer’s first order can’t be 3 or 4 times the amount of your main product.
  • How to condition your buyers to feel incomplete unless they continue to buy more products from you, every couple months, without fail.

Unlimited & Targeted Traffic That Keeps Your Sales Funnel(s) Full of Happy & Eager Buyers

  • How to really understand traffic… it’s purpose… how much you need… and when it’s no longer important.
  • Find out within seconds what your most profitable form of traffic is so you can quit wasting time on sending tire-kickers to your site.
  • My formula for calculating the true cost of SEO and making sure it’s worth it. (When you factor in time & opportunity costs, sometimes search traffic actually costs more than your PPC ads!)
  • My link-bait method to get others to enthusiastically send their traffic right to your site.
  • Content Marketing Strategies that Top 20 internet blogs use to get endless traffic. (I’ve shared these with clients for $50,000 but they’re all included in this program for you)
  • The easiest way to set up Native Advertising so your prospect comes to your page feeling like it was recommended by a trusted authority.
  • How to discover the highest-paying keywords and then rank your page very high on Google for them so purchase-ready prospects find you easily.
  • The truth about retargeting campaigns and how to make your prospect feel like it’s “destiny” that they buy your product.
  • The exact sequence of paid advertising (PPC) you should use. Most people dive into the wrong sources first. The order DOES matter and dramatically affects how much you end up paying down the road.
  • Why there’s no shame in entirely using paid traffic instead of SEO. (And how to tell if this applies to your business)
  • How to calculate your ROI on every business initiative so you’re always profiting with every minute you spend on your projects.
  • When and if you should use Google AdWords (The decision of whether or not to use this asset is critical. Google can make you incredible amounts of money or they can devastate your wallet in record time)
  • Everything you need to know about AdWords, the Content Network, and anything else Google Related.
  • How to use Facebook to swipe your competitors’ customers without them knowing what hit them… and then rake in extra leads and customers immediately.
  • 3 ways to pay less than minimum-bid for any Facebook Ad clicks so you can profit much more per click.
  • The dark truth about using Twitter for customers. (You can make a lot of money, but you must know this if you want to sleep at night afterward)

Tracking, Analytics, & Optimization: Your Constant Formula for Increased Gains

  • The myth of “Split-Testing” and why the way most people try to conversion-optimize will usually lead them down the wrong path.
  • How to continuously increase your conversion rate for every step of your 5 Step Sales Process so you literally get exponentially more money from your business.
  • The minimum “bare bones” software you need for analytics & testing… as well as the 4 inexpensive tools you can use to skyrocket your conversion rates.
  • How to condense a ton of data into a tiny handful of numbers you can use to instantly decide the next action your business needs to take.
  • The Analytics tool that everyone uses and but give the LEAST actionable info. (However, it does have one critical use that almost no one uses it for)
  • How to quietly test an offer before notifying affiliates, so you can have a million dollar launch right out the gates.

Scaling Strategy: The Most Important (& Least Understood) Factor in Making Millions in a Year

  • What really takes a business from 5 to 6 Figures, or 6 tтo 7 Figures, and why knowing this now makes it much easier to reach both of those levels.
  • The difference between scaling with more products vs. scaling with more customers. (And which strategy makes you money the fastest)
  • How your time management needs to fundamentally change when scaling up. (Messing this up is what can tragically turn a near 7-Figure business to 0-Figures overnight)
  • 5 unique ways of preventing burnout or 80 hour workweeks while you take your business to the next level.
  • If and when to borrow money, and how to almost guarantee you get an amazing ROI on any money you leverage.

Advanced Dark-Side Marketing & Persuasion Secrets

  • Discover your prospect’s favorite “trigger words” that make them burn with a purchasing lust… (This is what makes your customers lie awake at night thinking about buying your products)
  • Manipulative tricks that salesmen use to get prospects to ignore all objections from their spouse (You can use these ethically, but I warn you, it can get out of hand if you’re not careful).
  • Customer Profiling FBI style – Create a profile of your prospect that outlines their desires, weaknesses, fears and pains, so you know exactly what nerve to touch and make them buy.
  • Hypnotic Phrasing – that makes your prospect feel like your product is the only thing on earth that will rid them of their pain.
  • The “Minority Report” method for predicting your customer’s behavior… Use private details about your customers (I’ll show you how to get them), so you can know your buyer’s next move before they do.
  • How to snatch affiliates away from competitors so they make your offers their very top priority (Your competitors won’t know… in fact, they may start promoting you too!)
  • The Art of Belief Hijacking – Harness your customers’ strongest and most passionate beliefs, and use that to make them feel they must buy your product to live by those values.

Enroll in the Advanced Marketing Program Today Before It’s Closed

As you already likely know, we are closing down enrollment in the program VERY soon.

One of the concepts we teach in the program is that all your efforts should be divided between TWO key areas: Product & Marketing.

Until this point, I have been focused on Marketing, and it’s time for me to go focus on my Product (AKA customers—and hopefully—YOU.

I take my own advice very seriously. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be where I am today, would I?

I’m inviting you to enroll in my program right now, because I’m certain that it could radically change your business, and ultimately, your LIFE.


The Implementation Plan

This is a customized Project Management system you can use along with your team to implement everything you’re learning, and keep track of all your actions.

If you’re considering enrolling in the program right now, I’m going to throw in a few valuable bonuses just to make this an absolute no-brainer for you.

I created The Implementation Plan for one simple reasons: to ENSURE your success.

How many times have you read a new book or purchased a new program and implemented NOTHING from what you learned?

I’ve done this COUNTLESS times myself. So I created The Implementation Plan and will be giving it to every single new member.

This is a customized Project Management system you can use along with your team to implement everything you’re learning, and keep track of all your actions.

Simply put—this is how you’ll get RESULTS and keep growing.


Exclusive, Private Training Video “1,000,000 Visitors a Month and Counting: How to Create a Blog That Doesn’t Suck!”

And the best part? You don’t need to spend a DIME on advertising.

Have you ever wondered how I grew Kissmetrics to over 1,000,000 visitors a month, just through blogging?

In fact, I’ve grown all my businesses through blogging, and I’ve created a very special training video for you that shows EXACTLY how I’ve done it.

You can use my methods to grow your blog’s traffic too, it’s jam-packed full of MAJOR strategies you can use today.

And the best part? You don’t need to spend a DIME on advertising. Nada.

I’ll send you this as soon as you enroll in the program.


The Million Dollar Rolodex

This is probably the single most valuable bonus, and something I could charge thousands for alone.

My absolute favorite bonus: The Million Dollar Rolodex

This is probably the single most valuable bonus, and something I could charge thousands for alone.

The #1 way I’ve scaled and grown my business through the years is CONTRACTORS.

But as you know, it’s incredibly hard to find contractors and freelancers that deliver quality work and don’t break the bank.

Well, you get access to my personal rolodex, which has all the contractors I’ve spent over a DECADE finding and working with myself.

They can do it all: infographics, design, content writing, web development, copywriting, social media, SEO, and more.

I want to make your life as easy as possible and ensure your success, and I know this is going to help you do just that.

Note: you’ll receive this bonus 45 days after you join the program.


ONE year access to my private Facebook group

Awesome stuff goes down in the Facebook group, like networking, deals, and major lessons learned. I want you to be part of it.

Last, but certainly not least….

An entire ONE year access to my private Facebook group.

This means access to ME—directly. See the screenshot above? Yup, that’s me answering questions.

You’ll also get access to my team of expert marketers, and a thriving community of like-minded people just like you.

Awesome stuff goes down in the Facebook group, like networking, deals, and major lessons learned. I want you to be part of it.

All FOUR of these incredible bonuses are my free gift to you, just to say thanks.

Some Say the Value of This Program Is Priceless—so What’s Fair?

Originally I was teaching all the concepts in this program for exactly $6000, charging $500 per month.

That price was (and still is)…a STEAL.

And that’s not an exaggeration, here’s how I know: I have yet to meet a SINGLE person who regretted investing in their business through my program.

First of all – a lot of my “competitors” charge thousands more than I do and require a MONTHLY fee for access to a portal of knowledge like this.

Second of all – no one has this information, anywhere. It has taken me over SIX years to put this program together, and over a DECADE of my experience can instantly be accessed.

Let’s be real for a second…

Simply put, what other program out there can you trust to actually deliver and provide results?

Here are some “trust signals” and indicators…

  • You will be pushed out of your comfort zone.
  • You will be bored at times. (I make it fun but not every lesson is edge-of-your-seat exciting)
  • You will miss some of your favorite TV shows.
  • Your significant other may wonder if your business is more important than your relationship.

So how does this compare?

If you were to even try and find the information and implementation tools in my program elsewhere, you’d need to spend OVER $10,000.00 to purchase multiple programs.

And it would take you YEARS to bring it all together, filter out the good from the bad, and actually go through the information and figure out what to do with it.

For just a very limited time, you can enroll in the Advanced Marketing Program for just $997 OR 6 payments of $297.


Warning: The Cost of Not Doing this Program

Enrollment is closing down.

If you’re on this page today it means you can still enroll right now, but we are 100% removing the offer.

And just to be clear, this is not some marketing tactic. You truly will NOT be able to enroll in the program.

You may be looking at this program right now and wondering if you can afford it or whether you should invest the money.

Unfortunately, this type of thinking is only looking at the cost of TAKING action.

What about the cost of NOT taking action? What is not taking action costing you on a monthly basis right now?

In lost profits…stress…embarrassment…strained relationships…and so much more.

If your business is NOT where it needs to be, then it can’t help but take a toll on every area of your life.

Your business is an area of life that you’ve likely committed to setting EXCELLENT standards in.

To get excellent results, you must take OUTSTANDING actions.

In this day and age, if you just take good actions you will get POOR results.

Don’t waste your health, time, and money by letting this go.

You Are Completely Protected by My 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I take guarantees very seriously…

If at ANY TIME in the next 30 days you feel investing in this program was a mistake it just wasn’t what you expected—send me a quick email and I’ll refund every penny right away.


If you’re NOT serious about growing your business and think there’s a good possibility you’ll want your money back, then I respectfully suggest you not enroll today.

The guarantee is here to make sure you’re FULLY protected.

I’ve worked with hundreds of companies of all sizes (yes, small ones too!), and my success rate is off the charts.

Google didn’t want their money back. And neither did Ebay, Amazon, or Gawker.

I put the exact same standards and focus into this program.

I am confident and certain that you’ll be happy as well. And that’s what my guarantee is for.

For just a very limited time, you can enroll in the Advanced Marketing Program for just $997 OR 6 payments of $297.


I really look forward to working with you and watching your business grow from its current position to being a formidable top-tier player in your niche.

All you have to do is follow the 45 Module Course which has been proven by dozens and dozens of companies scaling up to seven-figures in a very short period of time.

The choice is yours. Do you truly want this? And when?

Sincerely, Neil Patel.

For just a very limited time, you can enroll in the Advanced Marketing Program for just $997 OR 6 payments of $297.